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  • The Salon Drop out

    What is a Dog Salon Drop out A dog salon drop out is a dog that has been to a salon for a few years and then the owners move and change groomers the owners decide to get their dog groomed from home as it has become an easier option for them  They call a…

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  • Bissell Barkbath portable Dog Wash Review

    Portable Dog Wash Review How to wash a Dog and use less water Bissell Barkbath quite tone portable bath and grooming system 2nd generation 2290A The noise or sound emitted is similar to a vacuum cleaner. The unique washing system uses less water No more shaking wet Dog  The shampoo smells nice  Training steps are…

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  • How to brush your dogs teeth

    How to brush Your Dog’s teeth Did you know 83% of people don’t even think of brushing their dogs teeth I am going to introduce to you some key points on How to brush your Dog’s Teeth Is Teeth Hygiene important and why should we even consider brushing the dog’s teeth We imagine as a…

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    Dog Grooming Training for life

    Training your Dog to be groomed for life If your fortunate enough to bring home your puppy from 8 to 12 weeks old you have a head start in training from fresh beginnings with playing bonding settling in toilet training and grooming  with puppies it’s all fun and games grooming the puppies and older dogs…

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