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Dog Hair Yarn in fashion today


Dog hair yarn known as Chiengora

We can imagine ourselves wearing cashmere sheeps wool nylon cotton but would there be an interest in manufacturing clothing from dogs hair there is a very old breed that has the perfect hair for weaving. the samoyed

There are no specific books so we selected this book The Spinners Yarn Book with full illustrations about spinning up to 80 different yarns or the wool is very much the same in its raw state and very oily to work with

Canine yarn is not so oily to work with knitters guide

The coat is thick strong and has very little or no dog smell females in season and stud males but overall these dogs are doggy smell free and have the perfect texture for making jumpers socks and overcoats ski suit lining

The Coat is waterproof warm and easy care wool wash or yes dog conditioner will keep your winter jumper like new.

New breeds will be wanted for yarn

The new breeds of labradoodle maltese poodles is not as strong but can be woven together the hypo allergenic non smelling coat make the perfect jumper weaving the yarn on a spinning wheel

I did try and learn years ago and yes this is a fine art then the knitters crochet is popular but this is the Latest craze in dog Hair Chiengora has the latest Post. Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies turning dog hair into Yarn.

Chiengora Yarn


Breeds like the Chow Chow,Collies, Most Double coat breeds it is the under coat that is the best to work with 

There are people who are creating warm winter clothing the benefits of the Dog hair yarn is that it will last for years easy care easy to reshape drys fast. one of the most warmest fibres on the planet

yarn can be purchased on ebay on etsy how ever they do spin the hair with other fibres Dog Hair is very hot to wear So don’t throw away your clean dog hair contact the website above do some searching and you just might find a buyer

So what’s this got to do with Dog grooming well a lot really because as we need farmers to Grow sheep for wool lamas Angora Goats why not use our Dogs hair as well

I am not saying farm Dogs for their hair that would be impractical but the benefit of using the hair rather than throwing it away. There is a legality to selling dog hair so you may want to spin it first into yarn or visit Chiengora.

What is Dog Hair Made of can I sell it

The Dogs hair, is made up of the protein keratin and dead skin cells.

It grows from follicles in the dermis, or inner layer of the skin. like most mammals. knityourdog Google search who will purchase my dogs hair

there are forums about the subject hobbyist the penny hoarder yes these people will pay you for your Dogs hair

So investigate it there are alot of options. traditional Dog hair Spinning on Facebook page turn you shedding dogs hair into a beautiful garment

Hand Brushed or Clipped hair

The spinners do prefer hand brushed the reason is because when the hair is clipped it breaks the fibres making the hair sharp and prickly and the hair has sharp edges

hand brushed the hair has fallen away from the follicle naturally as in shedding when rubbing the hair together it will weave together a tighter cluster and remain stronger.

How much would a Dog yarn Jumper Cost

To purchase a wool dog sweater  for your dog would cost between  $9.00 to 50 USD but to have a Dog Yarn sweater for yourself 1700 AUD or more your jacket or Jumper would be unique and there is never 2 the same

They are handcrafted made with hours of hand care from spinning the creating the pattern size and comfort to fit

So If your heading to the snow here’s the perfect keep warm accessories from Gloves scarfs jackets Socks Save your dogs hair and create a memorable item

Crochet knitting Tapestry Pillows recycling can be done with Dog Hair. visit our board the canine hair dresser photos We have a whole lot of photos and there all about dogs  hope you have enjoyed this article.

Please support our craft people your welcome to leave a comment below

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