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Dressing up your Dogs


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Dressing Up

The most well groomed dog with a shiny coat and is happy is dressed to go anywhere as creative beings our pets have become an extension of us how I feel about this is personally irrelevant and disturbing.

For the dog that has nightmares suffers PTS or has a sensitivity to storms the dog hoodie has been created for security now I am not doing the review if they work or not but your feedback on the subject would be appreciated.




Cold weather

 Now this is more practical  we have woolen jumpers or pullovers good idea for the dogs who are aging and feel the cold waterproof dog covers with lining our living with dogs tiled floors in door dogs left with no blankets or protection from the weather we have totally changed their metabolism Cold weather winter jackets in all sizes and styles waterproof and windproof jackets

Dress up with a lighter coat is practical but when it comes to the outrageous Grooming of color and clipping our dogs to look like a lion or a spotted tiger is borderline cruelty.

I  shared this bizzare picture of a poodle I wonder how this dog actually feels about this  when Dog Grooming has just gone to far and seriously I don’t know who would pay for the outrageous creations that have been done but without judgement bizarre grooming is in fashion and has been since 2016   







The outfits to look cute or bows and ribbons are harmless and will come off so I am only going to lead you to the best grooming products that I have found online smart ties and have used and received good feedback from

What you do with them is out of this websites control putting a jacket on your dog is not going to affect the coat or hair to much a winter coat sports jacket snowsuit apparel but do take them off dogs have a higher body temperature to us so yes they do feel the cold but they can overheat as well so keep this is mind when buying cute sweaters and jumpers for your dogs

Early morning outings from being inside in the warm is a good time to put the sweater on for the active dogs they won’t need them on for long dressing up can be fun but a dog is not a toy and they do have feelings although some just tolerate the process

After clipping is a good time to put on the jumper for the colder seasons the short single coat dont have the same underlay as the double coats with the warm undercoat or down it maybe called.but out in tramping conditions 

we want to keep our companions safe and warm to 

There are so many different styles and fabrics to choose from sizing is important so always check the size I chose these outfits the page has tips on how to choose the right size that will fit your dog before purchasing

Party outfits and photo shoots can be fun but remember your dog has no idea of how cute or how hideous they look really it’s all just for our amusement for the comfort of your dog and what is practical they don’t really need clothes

But here’s a cute dress that would look good at the next party


We hope you enjoyed this Article as it is winter somewhere in the world and we can always get prepared before the cold sets in please leave your comments below 



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