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Master Grooming tools everything you need


Master tools everything to groom a dog

On this page you will find all the pet grooming products that you will need to groom your Dog a good pair of scissors or shears this particular set has rounded tips great for beginners

for the professional for noses ears and paws a two set rounded tip grooming scissor is very handy, for Bichons frizzy coats and fine coats the Sharf gold touch pet shears will do a nice finish and an all rounder light to use very sharp  these sets are a good start Havago pet grooming scissors for the Salon Grooming they will be a lot more expensive we will show them in another Article.  


We hope you can find products of interest the most common grooming products on the market today and what they are used for the basic tools for brushing and combing a dog

The Slicker Brush and nail Cutters



Used for long hair or short a soft tip will remove loose hair undercoat trapped dirt perfect for shedding dogs a slicker brush is also used for mats and tangles they come in various shapes and sizes.

There is also the  CLEVER SELF CLEANING Slicker brush that has a self cleaning feature. Simply push the button, wipe, and the brush will be as good as new.

We need good nail cutters the Original cutters last for years but if you prefer the the handle styled nail clipper with the safety guard to avoid over cutting for professional at home grooming for small or large dogs dog nail clippers  




Metal Pin Brushes 

Similar to a Slicker brush but a Pin brush has longer pins is stronger and has rounded plastic tips for comfort with a spongy rubber backing be careful of the cheaper versions if the pin brush gets wet the rubber deteriorates fast and the pins fall out used for dogs with Medium coats wire hair and in between shedding of double coats like German Shepherds Alaskan Malamutes Collies and smaller longer coats as well and used for the hind legs between the tail and hock can be known as fluffy trousers.




Soft bristle brushes

Can be purchased separately or in a kit with other grooming brushes which is always handy to have for long coated dogs the soft brush is used for removing top coat loose hair used more for short haired dogs stimulates skin and disperses oil regular brushing can prevent skin disorders remove dead skin cells regenerate new hair growth.




Grooming Gloves 

For shorter coats to remove loose hair massage stimulate skin to disperse oils throughout the coat used for shedding bathing and general daily grooming the cheaper versions have smaller bristles and are wider apart but will work the same but for the Ultimate Grooming Glove these are selling fast and we hope more are in stock later 2019.



Dematting rake there are different sizes the Grooming rake has 2 sides and suitable for all long coat breeds from silky hair to thick double coats this product comes with a long tooth Dematting comb and a 2 sided undercoat rake For medium to long haired dogs.



Clippers for Hygiene areas 

For the paws trimming the hair helps keep the paws healthy and easier to walk on slippery surfaces like the kitchen floor or on tiles regular walking and exercise can help keep the nails shorter and the hair under the paws shorter long coated dogs need the paws trimmed so here’s our recommendation for ears faces and paws this is a professional clipper and will last for years some come with attachment combs with cords or without.



Combs are not always sold with clippers and can be purchased separately the most used combs are 5 and 7 the most used blade is a 10, 7, or 7F, 5, for wahl clippers search for product videos and Grooming Tips on Facebook Dog Grooming Tips located in Texas the grooming School has live videos showing you how to groom different breeds from Cavoodles long coats Short and gives useful tips 

Metal combs

Are used for light knots the finer silky hair use teeth combs closer together the wider the teeth the thicker the hair used for combing hair while scissoring the coat fluffy up to even the coat for clipping not used for thick knots or matted hair.



For the Scared dog 

There is the Alternative for the dogs that are scared of clippers and noise our Anxiety nervous dogs the Scaredy Dog and cat quite scissors with grooming combs is an alternative the combs are attachable to the scissors cutting like a clipper without the noise I want one of these kits there is a video on how to use them I would love to hear your feedback about this product.



Your favorite products may not be included in some articles so let us look for them for you from the comments below

We do not intend to promote any other pet products as this website is for Dog groomers and all about Dog grooming so we want to only provide Dog Grooming products, The orange word links above may suggest in your search for other Pet products that’s fine but it is your choice for search and purchase.

Dog Grooming Brushes, pins,slicker Soft bristle Brushes,grooming Gloves Alternative Clipper set,Clippers

For all enquiries please leave a comment below there will be updates and modifications done to this page or products may be upgraded.

Grooming all pets within the home

Not all of us just have a dog we may have a cat a ferret or rabbits horses birds so you may find this page to be of advantage when searching pet products  for the other companions in the home.

Happy Grooming 🙂


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A passionate Dog person with a background in Animal Care, Vet nursing, Security Dog Handling, Boarding Kennels RSPCA Volunteering, Dog training Pet sitting Dog Grooming teaching people how to groom their own dogs and now creating a website dedicated to Dog Grooming


  1. Trish

    We have taken our dog to several different dog groomers, so I have a definite opinion on the subject.  Some were good, and some not so good.  Our favorite groomer had a mobile business, so his truck came to our driveway and everything was very convenient.  Do you think a mobile business is better than a physical location?

    • admin

      The experience is in the results not all groomers are equal or have the same experience or skill set we all have our off days the more prepared the groomer the easier the job is it’s up to the individual of what is convenient and practical to the owners lifestyle and needs   

  2. Nuttanee

    I use to have a German Splitz, his name is Pang, means powder in Thai. He is so white and fluffy. In the beginning we take him to the groomer but later he got sick and got really aggressive with strangers so I take the grroming to my own hands. Did notknow what I was doing lol His hair was so uneven so I had to buzz cut the poor boy. He was so embarrassed lol He would hide away most of the time when his hair was short lol Now I got better but it doesn’t hurt to have more tools. Thanks for the list.

    • admin

      Japanese spitz Grooming all the tools in the post are practical to use on your dog the aggression toward strangers is a trust and insecurity problem. which can be overcome with training, It would take to long for me to type up how to groom your Dog some good videos on Youtube and Facebook Dog Grooming tips will help Hope his feeling better now     

  3. Solomon

    Excellent article. Just like human beings, dogs also need physical maintenance to look and feel their very best, and fortunately, dogs do not need to bathe as often as we do, but you do need to learn how much grooming your dog needs and you need to keep it on a schedule. This post really gives you the idea on their basic necessities.

    • Angeliquejasmine

      We would like to think that all dogs in a domestic environment are well maintained for their health and for human health as well. Thank you for your comment much appreciated.

    • Angeliquejasmine

      Thank you for your feedback I have these same clippers in my grooming tool box actually I have a variety you are right not all nail trimmers are created equal, this is a great way to network for our customers too have a choice in the market so better buying decisions are made and grooming our pets with what works best for the breed and handler.


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