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Dog Grooming Salon ideas and Decor for beginners


Dog Grooming Salon ideas and Decor for beginners

First we need to look at how much space do we have to work with choosing colors matching decor where to purchase the right equipment and keep within the budget in previous articles.

The Canine Hairdresser on Pinterest has shared and saved some pins with beautiful decor and ideas for you  every store needs one of these designer clocks for their salon


Thinking of starting your own grooming business appointment books it’s the little things that count to the main accessories that you will need wash tubs tables but putting it altogether with imagination and that is user friendly for yourself  staff and customers.

What is your theme, color design layout these are all the things on the new business owners mind.

A Grooming Salon or Grooming area is like a chef and his kitchen although there is the ideal look that you like starting with the draws for your equipment like a storage case   it must be practical and appealing to you  easy for you to work  with, a friendly inviting entrance and do go with what makes you comfortable lighting is important and ventilation air conditioning is nice in the summer and we need to think of keeping warm in winter too

look at pictures and start dreaming

I seriously can spend hours on Pinterest saving and admiring pictures all day I have saved some interesting Pins and Salons for ideas to view Canine Hairdresser wall decors look great they brighten up any room so you can get really creative.


Keeping it safe

Keeping pets safe is the number one rule having the facilities available for waiting times comfortable booking in facilities and clean non smelling environment and safe cages for waiting dogs will bring in more customers.

 A well presented salon customers  expect high quality grooming and pricing competitive your salon will reflect you as a groomer and vanity is impressive but its the results of the well groomed dog that comes out will speak volumes to your customers always put the dogs well being before vanity.

Design well     

A good design is easy to keep clean comfortable to work in has parking facilities your environment can reflect on your performance as a groomer never leave caged dogs unattended cage dryers in some states they are band keep in mind the less time the dog has to wait in a cage is taken out groomed and picked up by the owner the easier it is for you the dog and the customer gets a happier dog back

Remove the stress

Stress in dogs is very common in the salon space crowding noises  the attitude of the dog on the day your attitude will reflect so your salon environment should be calm have good lighting non echo walls calm solfeggio music if possible calming colors hold off from the burning of sage  and some novelty coffee mugs to take a break, always look good.

Your building should not be paper thin so to speak to annoy the neighbors, from setting up your own salon there is also the option to purchase an existing business

A good Business over 5 years

An average of 10 to 12 dogs are groomed per day small and large breeds operating hours from 8am to 6 pm  supports 2 x  groomers 1x admin/groomer  and one x bather 4 days per week, most groomers can average 4-5 dogs a day with someone bathing and drying on average 2 hours per dog some can be done in less time. per annum this business has the potential to earn 190,000 AUD every year on these figures take out all overheads

  • Lease/Rent
  • Power/water
  • Insurance
  • Equipment
  • Facilities maintenance
  • consumables
  • Staff/ paye rates taxes superannuation
  • Taxes Annual goods & service Provisional/accountant fees etc
  • licences/ council suruge fee/Advertising

Now take all of the above out of the equation of Goodwill and last year’s income and there is the net profit in setting up the capital costs you maybe able to claim some if not most of your capital back on your first years tax return renovations to consider and possibly some maintenance to be done.

If I am working out in the field grooming the maximum I would do is 4 dogs from bathing drying full groom and be home by 3.30 if I start at 8 am and all the dogs are on the same property too easy but mobile with travel allow 1 hour in between so I would do  2 or 3 per day some weeks I might only have 4 in the week but I like it like this no pressure less stress and I have time to do other things this is a hobby business earn 10,000 a year or less it’s still worth putting in the income tax return sometimes I actually get money back some years I have to pay but overall its the accountants fees that cost the most.


A lot of people like to pay cash and working without all the overheads it’s easy to get distracted try and put at least 70% back into your business

yes write it down so you can keep a record of what the cash went on the odd meal at maccas to write it down, because it’s for your records your not saving anything by just put it in the pocket and forget that groom its your time that can be wasted and money is a hard earn when your starting out.

Shopfitters cabinet makers and a builder friend make friends with these people they are more than happy to get you up and running they want you to succeed and of course get paid don’t start with high debts unless you know that the income will exceed the outgoings then your grooming business has a better future.

Humble beginnings

I started from very humble beginnings saving every cent some months I had enough to cover the monthly bills and it was hard but slowly adding to the tools advertising getting out there whether it was by train and bus walked for a couple of kms to the house and did the same the next day week after week month after month and finally got a car kept my regular clients happy and just kept going 12 months later opened a small shop with little overheads and I am happy as a pig in mud.

Be determined to succeed open that salon have a passion for it don’t let anyone kill your dream just do it successful people are prepared to do what others are not prepared to do.

Just Do It



Dont focus on the money it will come focus on what you love doing what you want believe in yourself.

stay focused until successful. look at pictures start dreaming dont stress look at businesses for sale Design well keep safe and believe that it is yours and it is start small and grow from there.



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