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The Top Dog Grooming books 2019

The best Dog Grooming Books 2019

Starting with a good book to begin with or interested in grooming as a career an apprenticeship of 16 weeks to 12 months learning the basics at a grooming school and 2-5 years of working in a Salon your now a professional, sounds very straight forward reading and doing is faster learning so let’s get started

the All 87 Breed Dog grooming guide for beginners is a very old book and is a nice and basic introduction to dog grooming the Oster clippers give an overall view about blades and commonly used its not much different to now

The book is really for the beginner who has no idea of where to start or what to do so this little book is a winner


For the more experienced a good read is the All dog guide Grooming book The Stones grooming book and the all breeds Dog Grooming Guide which is hard to order the do it yourself books are really hard to find in the local book store so we have upto 10 good books for you to choose from I am sure there is at least 20 out there 

Ebay is a good place to search for grooming books All breed dog grooming panel of credentialed grooming experts 

Top dog grooming tips can be viewed on you tube but its not always easy to see when an elbow is in the way or they cut the bit out that you really wanted to see there is a book out by 

Paragon All breed dog grooming guide, by Sam kohl A good illustrated book with easy step by step instructions

Theory of 5 by melissa verplank  5 Key Grooming methods and techniques



All 87 Breeds Dog grooming book for beginners  Basic clear illustrations user friendly for beginners

DIY Dog grooming from puppy cuts to best in show Chapter 6 talks about removal of Gum dirt candle wax tricks and  grooming tips Super glue, tricks,taking the perfect picture,essential oils Cesar Milan has it all this book is a must have  

Goldendoodles The perfect book from Grooming to training and understanding your  Goldendoodle A book for the Golden retriever labrador hybrid breed                  

Dog Grooming for Dummies  A wonderful book full of real examples Grooming by coat type popular myths about grooming dogs from basics to beyond 

The dog groomers Manual 

The everything dog grooming book

Puppy styled Japanese Dog grooming before and after

Cavalier king charles poodle hybrid Cockapoos care grooming from puppy to old age

Poodle Schnauzer Shanoodles not so popular but a delightful breed to have and they now have a Grooming book for them for any beginner this breed is one of the best to learn from they are so patient ready to learn and very intelligent   

The Stones Grooming guide


When purchasing a book about the breed of dog you have will have grooming in them and including training feeding exercise health and much more 

I am looking for books for the moodles, poodle maltese  so if you find a good book do share in the comments or on our facebook page, 

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