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Hair Loss My dogs losing hair and has black pigment


Alopecia X a Groomers Secret Solution is Out



What is Alopecia or known as Lichenification

An inflammation hereditary condition affecting dogs with blue(dilated black) or fawn coats pigment is known to change color

What can be the cause it is not known if inflammation from fleas is the caused hydro bathing is known to make the condition worsen and some shampoos and conditioners don’t help.

Your veterinarian may give you a diagnosis or they may say it is a thyroid problem and is cosmetic the disease is more prone to genetic, Pomeranians seem to be the most common breed with the problem which isn’t surprising early years of domestication foxes where used and crossed with dogs and selected foxes were chosen to be domesticated.




Alopecia is also known to be called Fox mange interesting theory can be confused with Cushing’s disease. there is no real evidence of the cause and most products are through trial and error.

Is there a solution as far as we know

Through pictures and reviews there is a solution of products to help the hair grow back some dog owners have tried steroids cortisone injections special diets and all has failed

Years ago I knew a German shepherd with this condition back then only cortisone injections helped but never really cured the problem Now we have a solution

We cannot say this is the solution to every skin condition and a proper diagnosis is worth looking into I have seen some great results might be worth having a look at if you think a dog may have this problem 

Hair Loss And Dry Skin 

We cannot groom a dog if they have no hair

The mexican Hairless dog doesnt have this condition they are bred for body heat and are naturally hot water bottles in a dog form not a popular breed but there out there they still need bathing and again

I wouldn’t use a shampoo or conditioner skin conditioners and creams are available for this specialized breed. supplements can promote healthier skin to help the healing process Coconut oil for dogs for anti itch and hot spots can help and pure paw nutrition can supplement our dogs with skin allergies the holistic home remedy salmon with vitamins 

Dog Food wheat Legumes  Soy products Acidic foods without the right balance of proteins crude oils allergies are on the rise even the chemicals in man made grass seeds can cause allergies

treats from pigs ears Kangaroo turkey necks it’s not bad but be cautioned of the processing treatment can cause mandible mycosis just like humans gluten lactose intolerances wasn’t heard of early 19th century but now its like a normal illness I don’t agree 

There is a sensitive skin care solution DerMagic an Australia brand there is also a Magic cream yet to be trialed to be released later in 2019

 copy and paste into your browser all we ask is that you please give us a like on facebook and a positive comment below for the secret that has been revealed because we know that the results are amazing please do check it out 

Yeast infection Tip

We also have a product for a yeast infection in the paws the paws that are usually white or natural in color have a brown dying hair tinge constant liking of the feet spreads the infection

Contact your local Amway Distributor ask for L.O.C Organic ingredients diluted sprayed on the paws dry off access best used after a bath or from outside wet feet dry spray on good as new keeps the infection away for at least 6 months after treatment.tried and tested this works.

For coats that have dandruff dry skin regular brushing can help the myth is out there now that you need a shower everyday so does your dog

oh please dont listen wash your hair everyday with a cheap shampoo and what happens it’s dry dandruff fly away unmanageable hair you can damage a dogs coat and skin by over washing

We have shared these tips with you please give us feedback on the results and if it works for you please share and let the companies know about your success story. 

So we can help others     



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