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Business tips for dog grooming


Think outside the square and be creative

Business tips for Dog Groomers

I have worked out in the field for a long time and always get to hear the customers point of view what they like and what they would like for the busy salons

I can understand they have a turn away point because to quote an off menu job can be a bit of a waste of time or hold up the works from appointments set

I am going to suggest some ideas that in the quieter seasons or for income lift we need to sometimes think outside the square

we can all get a bit stuck and have the low weeks or months there not a set rule to go by but there is always an idea out there that a service or product can be better

Maintenance Grooms 

There are home groomers that can clip the body but really struggle with feet Paws and bellies and it’s not a big job although it can take up time especially if they hate the feet being touched through lack of maintenance

A professional groomer knows the truth and owners won’t always admit it or they just can not bare to cut their dogs nails and sometimes its fear too so there’s an advantage for the gentle hand and the right tools

Being Mobile has its advantages but then there’s the 15 km away call to just clip a puppy’s nails one has to ask is it worth it

Ask what breed of dog is it we need to know what size trimmers to take in and be a bit prepared for the visit this puppy could be a Giant Tibetan mastiff,


There are advantages in the question to sell yourself forward for another appointment. A short coated chihuahua that bites and lives 15-20 km away no thanks keep the 5.bucks and I’ll keep my fingers.

Bad Grooms and Fix ups

The home groomer that just cannot get it right or just dosnt have the patients they spent thousands at a college learned the basics and just really need practice or they changed their careers and need someone to tidy up the mess


I have had my fair share sometimes we just have to say here’s my card give me a call when the hairs a bit longer to tidy up the jagged wave lines of clipping and sometimes just a good clipper blade over the top works wonders

Naughty Dogs

My favorite now if they don’t live to far away these dogs really make your quote underestimated and they always take longer

some pet owners are blind to their dogs behavior and some are realistic the more patience and gentle approach you have after a few visits this can all be overcome

The drama dramatic dog has learnt behavior to win the pet parent over but not you persevere I  under quoted a job and got paid a nice bonus and was asked to be this dogs groomer for life so I got a long life friend

Be found on Google 

Joining a home service app for services offered in the local area your put up on google automatically after 1 year of not using the app service your name still comes up on google the app won’t work so they get redirected to Facebook

Social media can add to your profile and I have had a lot of good response from the app service being mobile you really get to know your market and what people want some want the trailer service

Some don’t mind the tradie set up, and some prefer to drop the dog off to you,

take all 3 if you have the equipment to do so if not be honest and they look elsewhere or suggest someone with the offering service a quote is charged to you so if you don’t get to do the job your still paying for it.

Salon Overflow 

Perfect for the mobile Groomer take no bookings and be available get all the regulars done before Christmas then leave a 4-week gap between

Christmas and New year’s a lot of salons can be booked up for 2 weeks or the regular groomer has gone on holidays the overflow can boost your business be available during the busy times

I stop advertising about this time and make sure my social media settings are on and my app is ready I can get up to 15 extra clients over this break time your not stealing anyones clients they will go back to what is convenient for them your just the fill in they were looking for and sometimes you get to see them a couple of more times.

The Traveler

These people want a groomer on call they try the salons and if there booked they usually search for a flexible option or their shopping around for a cheaper price quote reasonable not to high by having a salon and a Groomer who can do call outs with all the tools brings in extra cash,

I have picked dogs up from camping grounds taken them to the self serve hydro wash dyed them set up my table clipped the dog and taken him home after a short walk takes time but it can be so much fun too

Elderly Service

These companion dogs don’t get out much and if they do it’s usually for a very short walk offering to walk their dogs and groom them is a service worth doing not a big income earner but it is very rewarding.

And the elderly appreciate the help and company

I am a bit soft here I under quote work myself to over tired and wish I just didn’t say anything don’t make this mistake set a price walk included and have set days or a week in every 4 weeks for these clients visits

Creative service

you have a creative community go with the flow not all salons will be creative offering a service to be a creative grooming artist for these clients can be an advantage a creative groomer in a salon an on call groomer that does service maintenance grooming on board with the on coming regulars your business is covered in all angles there’s always something we can do to make a difference


Please leave a comment below what are your thoughts

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