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How to Improve and maintain a dull black coat to a mega shine that turns heads


Dull coat to mega shine

How to have peoples heads turning to look at your beautiful dogs shiny luscious coat and say wow! Dog hair facts healthy skin healthy hair

I wish my dog could look like that

There is a way to improve and maintain a black dull coat to an amazing glow

Black dogs have a shiny coat when we can see they are healthy but how to get the glow factor the one that turns heads

What our inner health is will glow to the outer appearance



Free from parasites

This can be anything from fleas to dust mites insect bites allergies we need to start with a healthy digestive system

Flea treatment and intestinal worms, are the cause of so many health issues dull coat fleas means worms to itchy skin dermatitis fungal skin infections bloating and fatigue a good cleanse from intestinal worms is a good start and followed with a probiotic to get the good bacteria in the stomach regular bowel movements and a healthy appetite.


The products available now can be anything from a flea tablet to a liquid spot on treatment.that not only does fleas but mosquitoes to 

We must consider treating the bedding and sleeping areas the outside exercise area with a good flea and tick yard spray the dog kennel and any grass or dirt areas parasites can live in the lawn carpets outdoor mats dirt areas muddy patches small puddles of water ponds still water

Plants can be a trigger for insects and attract unwanted flying biting midget size flies mosquitoes and ants can also get into our pets coats and cause a problem too so for a healthy dog we need to illuminate as much parasite nesting areas as we can.

Suggestions outdoor parasite control

Products to use for lawn fleas pool chlorine 5% bleach on all concreted areas or a hydro chloride wash for midget flies and parvovirus lime fossil shell powder or a liquid pesticide spray for fleas and ticks.

Ask your local veterinarian for the outdoor disinfectant and kennel wash for kennels for Parvovirus protection for high risk areas

Follow the directions and remove all live stock from the treated area.

Before taking your new dog home


As a precaution it is a good idea to treat the premises for fleas and dust mites cockroaches leave Stools and debris causing respiratory problems skin irritations’ dermatitis scaly skin,

fleas can lay dormant in the winter months spray or wash all concrete areas with bleach leave for 2 days and repeat use the flea and tick spray in the spring to early summer

leave to dry and have the area well ventilated sunshine and fresh air the same practice should be done if you purchase a second hand kennel.

Dogs Bedding


We often think an old blanket out of the linen cupboard should be sufficient humans have skin mites too and harbor dust mites in our bedding.

Although washed we fold them up tuck them away and how long do the stay in the cupboard ?

Your dog should have their own fresh new linen oh but it’s a dog she”ll be right really!

While your sleeping poor Rover is scratching ripping the bedding up digging at it and you don’t know why but Rover knows

Have you ever noticed when a dogs bed is shambled and dirty they don’t want to stay on their own bed for to long maybe it’s a hint

Wash dogs bedding on a regular basis hygiene with dogs is as important as bathing your own children before bed.

We shower or bathe

How many of us love the feel of fresh clean sheets well just think how Rover feels now with clean bed bathed dried feed and ready for a good night nap.

So they can be in your face full of life lets go life is outside let’s go 

Diet Food treats supplements do they make a difference

As a good pet parent if you have followed the top advise cleanliness is next to godliness supplements do give a better nutritional advantage in balancing the diet always seek professional advice or ask your veterinarian

We can talk about nutrition all day long

The diet of our dog will reflect on their general health and coat the hair will shine with the no parasites, clean bed, well groomed body, now let’s talk super shine the mega shiny dog hair that turns heads

Include in the diet Egg yolks raw or cooked due to some salmonella super bugs out there raw eggs were once safe but with precaution I suggest cooked

The yellow is more beneficial than the whites it used to be said the white part of the egg can deplete vitamin B eaten raw.

Dogs don’t digest raw egg whites to well so cooked it would be easier to digest yes eggs are good for your dog

Sardines in oil, Tuna in oil, added into the biscuit meal adds taste and essential oils omega 3 add flaxseed oil, Olive oils Fish oil Salmon fish oil for dogs.


Recommendations for Omega 3 6 9 For a Healthy Coat

As a Groomer we see all kinds of hair conditions and skin irritations from flea treatments parasites to an inadequate nourishment from diet supplements can boost the nutrition and fight off unwanted diseases skin allergies stomach upsets 

A good pet parent  wants to give their Dogs the best nutrition for optimum health 

Reduce the amount of stress  that comes with illness and visits to the vet

 Adding Bio fats to your pet’s meals adds taste they love with the right proportion of fatty acids their bodies need to sustain and maintain a shiny healthy coat, clear skin, bio fats maintain normal shedding, joint care and overall general health giving your pet energy even in their aging years


 What are Bio Fats Basically

Omega 3, 6, 9 will help restore the appropriate ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. Daily supplementation with GLA , ALA , EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

Fish oil comes from  salmon, sardines, herrings, mackerel, anchovy

The  best way to know that your dog receives the health protecting benefits of essential fatty acids.

The best way  administration is in a liquid form or tablets that are available in a Gel tablet  

The main purpose of fats in the body is to serve as a storage system and reserve supply of energy in fat cells storing fat for when food consumption levels are down so as reserved energy stored we need  exercise to burn off the stored fat keeps the weight down low metabolism lack of exercise fat increases and Obesity is a risk factor

Omega 3 6 9

We need a healthy polyunsaturated fat for insulation body heat protection of the delicate organs from physical damage

Lipids serve as a main structural material in the membranes surrounding our cells fats can also produce chemicals and hormones that regulate growing tissue in the body  

 As humans, we consume Omega 3, 9 and 9 oils to maintain the health of our skin and to help keep a good digestive system. Dogs need the same but have a lack of nutritional resources to provide the amount they need help your pet maintain optimum health.

Well balanced and mixed with only the finest ingredients, this formula will naturally enhance your pet’s health targeting specifically their joints, digestion as well as heart and brain support. 

When purchasing your Omega products or Fatty Bio products It doesn’t contain copious amounts of flax oil, cod liver oil, soya bean or canola oil, although it is Oil its missing the Nutrient
 (EPA and DHA)  an algae sourced DHA fatty acid that helps to nourish skin and coats, while also promoting brain and heart health to ensure that your dog gets the care he needs. Essential Fatty acid

I have emphasized on healthy hair healthy skin how to improve and maintain a dull black coat to a mega shine this would be one of the hidden secrets to give your dog the best shine dosnt matter what color they are  

The benefits of giving dogs omega fish oils has just as many health benefits as it has on us humans as well.

I always have given my dogs Garlic oil tablets omega 3 and a mixture of meat and vegetables as puppies calcium supplements for healthy bones 

But can we over do it with the supplements unless we see something wrong we usually ignore it right prevention is better than cure a day without or a couple of weeks break shouldn’t make to much of a difference to the healthy energetic dog 

Always follow the instructions seek veterinarian assistance when required and last of all we have Google although it is only an information tool not a Doctor 

Teeth Care  

For better results a supplement of omega 6 can be added to the diet charcoal busicuits is also good for the teeth supplement



Calcium sandoz and Protein fossil diatomaceous earth food read up about it For cats and Dogs Diatomaceous earth

  • Natural Wormer
  • Parasite Control
  • Flea Control 
  • Improves Skin infections
  • Improves Fur/hair/coat 
  • General Health improvement

For animals is an organic supplement also has beneficial health factors for humans as well.

Add into your dogs diet if possible Cooked herbivore meats any animal that does not eat meat vegetarian grazing animals are good for dogs health

cooked heart liver kidney sheep intestines offal vegetable green leafy Silverbeet mashed in with potatoes sweet or plain

Never use potatoes that have a green spot or are green under the skin toxic for pregnant humans so it would be toxic for your dog their meat half cooked beef lamb kale chopped fine cooked and mixed with fish and brown rice.

Added Garlic crushed 1 clove raw, starting puppies off on Farax like for human babies add Protein and vitamin powder 2 drops of olive oil

Calcium sandoz calcium supplement for  big healthy cuddly puppies.

Never feed puppies Weat Biscuits has got no nutrition in it for your dog it’s like a filler Oats cooked as in porridge yes this is good for your dog and his coat to

Goats milk, Opossum Rabbit Venison cooked sheep’s offal 

Avoid these foods at all costs

Pork depletes vitamin B and can cause rickets Pork treats processed preservative treats.

Cooked pork intestines Pork meat has parasites

Raw chicken has salmonella

Onions Capsicums/paste chilli Tomato/tomato paste/sauce

Chocolate natural carob Dark Refined sugars

Peanut Butter/Canola oil/Sunflower oil/ margarine/ butter/ White Rice /white bread/ wheat soy products

Gravy flour products processed soup stocks full of salt and MSG soy sauce on meat/Chicken Salt/Salt water

Anything that resembles a Rubber chewy treat I would avoid

Although a hoof or an old bone buried in the garden or something the farm dog rolled in is hard to avoid a worming tablet and skunk bath wash soon followed with the hose wash or a swim in the dam works wonders

Some foods you have on your plate is not good to feed your dog the table scraps.

Oh come on you say ! Bobby has had table scraps all his life and look his 12 now

Yes I can see the fat lumps under his skin and the protruding stomach his hair loss and tumor extra bits his smelly rotten breathe and the dog odor yep Bobby s done well to survive that





Dogs and the Beach

Is the beach good for your dogs hair well yes and no a swim in the ocean is good for parasites some scars, but the sand is not to beneficial the salt in the sand can lead to dry dull coat and itchy dry skin


A quick fix a thorough wash afterwards with a black coat shampoo a good rinse I have no idea why there are no pay self wash dog washes at the beaches for dogs if they are allowed on the beach

Good Dog Sense

This will bring out the shine the healthy glowing dog that turns heads all the mentioned has been known to win Best in Show Best Coat Best NZ bred and I have had a dog stolen because of his beautiful coat

I don’t want to scare you but a Dog that has the shine of a black Arab horse on a sunny day is how good your black Labrador Rottweiler Doberman German Shepherd Black Curly coats can look


Yes back to the subject of good grooming practices regular brushing combing bathing with good tools Dog Hair facts Healthy skin Healthy hair   a good diet plenty of exercise a good brush daily for double coats or quick brush before getting into the car to go for a ride

Plenty of fresh water

Not just tap water in a bucket or the bowl while your out at work for the day refill once a day.


Fresh water that lasts longer


No I mean fresh water a self filling bowl that refills like a Gravity pet feeder the water refills, dogs sweat from their tongues you spit in your glass have a sip and keep doing that until the glass is empty you wouldn’t do it you just wouldn’t right !

So several water bowls refilled 2 x a day or a self filling water bowl is a better option

Dogs bring happiness owner sad dog makes happy 


Nothing speaks louder than LOVE a happy person glows they look attractive and the dog is the same A loved balance shines as well when we feel loved the serotonin levels rise we glow and so does a happy dog

The above mentioned Clean bedding a clean kennel, fresh clean bedding above the ground Parasite free body & parasite free yard

Good healthy dog diet, plenty of water regular exercise and grooming fresh water leads to winning, the reward of heads turning when you walk down the street and the same can be said for white dogs.

please leave a comment and share your thoughts 

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