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Winter Grooming for all types of winter

Winter grooming for the Dog that lives in the snow

We would like to think that all dogs live inside during the colder months


In this Article I am going to cover the different types of winter some places it snows, some places have more rain storms wind and frosts, and the effects this has on Grooming

The working Farm dog would not have the luxury of the bed inside by the hearth of the fireplace.

Grooming is very seldom, and this is not beneficial for their health at all they still need brushing and short coated dogs will need a cover and more bedding

For Grooming the short coated single hair dogs that have stopped molting  the hair becomes coarse and dry


Soft Bristle Brush


Brushing on a regular basis can stimulate the hair follicles produce more oil to the coat and stimulate blood flow.

The Tropical Winter

In Australia the winters can be cold but not much below zero maybe in NSW dogs that have a double coat will still need the same brushing attention the less hair will fall out brushing and combing maintains the coat condition

A good brush to use for maintenance grooming is the soft bristle brush or a thick Pin brush combing with a wide tooth comb to remove small knots and reduce matted hair.

less matting removing debris and we may think its a good time to just let the hair grow by leaving the regular grooming routine the coat can become matted dry and full of dust

especially after the jumper or dog sweater has comes off this is a good time to use the pin brush to keep the hair and the coat clean from Debris and dust particles, see our post Dressing up your dog for sweaters and covers.

Grooming as Usual

If we start to neglect the grooming in the winter we are not doing our dogs any favors or ourselves the clipping can still be done as normal

leaving at least 2-3 inches of coat trimming of paws clipping nails to keep them short keep your dog in the daily life routine healthier happier dogs live by routine,

Flea control in winter

Fleas are not so active in the winter months bedding needs to be changed as flea dirt can remain in the bedding ticks are dormant until the warmer months appear

using a flea comb will let you know if there is any flea dirt in the coat flea treatment should not stop during the winter months

Double coats groomed with a brush and comb out at least 2 x a week will keep the coat in good condition for the colder months fluffy light hair is warmer than dreadlocks in the cold

Paws and Nail Care

Paws need to be trimmed and nails as well for our inside pets the hair will always grow longer and need clipping as our picture demonstrates

Before Clipping

After clipping






Climatise the inside dog to the outside elements slowly one paw at a time

Short business breaks and short walks to acclimatize to the cold outside after walks dry the feet well this can stop yeast infections for stronger and thicker pads regular exercise on all surfaces

Regular exercise can keep this longer hair short under the paws

we need to consider if the ground is cold it can burn the paws like the heat can burn the paws.

By letting the inside dog not have the paws clipped this won’t keep their paws warm snow will stick to the paws and cause lameness 

Use warm to tepid water to wash the paws from debri

For no more muddy paws small stones and ice check this out so cool 


No more muddy paws 


Before putting your dog back into the kennel keep this in mind if you exercised them with a waterproof coat on

removing the coat a quick brush and a sweater put on will keep them warm and quiet a barking dog outside in a kennel his crying because they are cold.

Snow Dogs

Extra care for the dog that is exercised in the snow grooming with a brush to stimulate the good oils loosening the debri and drying is essential

A warm dryer good towel off  wash the paws in tepid water not to warm remove snow from between toes dry and use a talc powder to soak up any moisture then brush out


Everyday brushing for sensitive skin


Snow shoes and boots were invented for the dogs that live in the snow an introduction to the shoes should be done at an early age take on take off walk two paces take off repeat every couple of days


Available for all size Paws 


Taking a city dog out to the snow put on snowshoes it’s not going to go as planned, they have to get use to things on their paws

Clipping dogs for snow conditions if they live inside clipping should be routine as any other time of the year,

but do put a sweater on after the clipping and when home in the warm take it off and give a quick brush

Nail care for cooler months the nails break easily in the cold so keep them short and filed if possible so they dont catch or tare

Tools to use on winter coats

Soft bristle brush, Double sided  Paw washer, Flea comb, Everyday Brushing

Snow Shoes and accessories Snow jackets waterproof Jackets

Rain wind less sunlight

Dogs can suffer from Vitamin D deficiency from the lack of sunshine and warm weather the rain is not the best time for the dogs coat.


Vitamin D3 pure Paw Nutrition


but it is good for you to see if the coat has enough guard hair protection to keep the skin dry a good run in the rain for the double coats is actually healthy for them

In general after all they are a working class dog the guard hair keeps water surfaced off the undercoat which insulates the body and protects the skin

A healthy coat will dry faster when drying try not to ruff up the coat long strokes down the body with an absorbing towel works well the undercoat brushed releases the oils through the coat once the undercoat is wet through as in bathing it does take longer to dry

Dog Smells In the Rain

A dog’s wet coat can smell right

Wet dog is not nice and a deodoriser won’t help

This problem is skin deep and maybe inner health too for less odor Garlic has its benefits too but not everyone likes Garlic breathe either

Garlic Capsules work well but won’t illuminate the smell completely using a wool wash on the coat will help with odor and regular brushing dry sleeping quarters if your using bedding inside or out cleanliness is the best approach 

Why Do Dog Groomers go on and on about Brushing

Just like your own hair our hair collects dust we have dandruff and dead skin cells

Dogs hair is much the same imagine not brushing your hair for 4 weeks then going to the hairdresser and getting them to fix it up “ouch” right

well your dog is much the same. that’s why we go on about it so much how many times I tell my clients brush your dog this week if they think it’s only the groomers job it’s going to cost them and that’s why we charge so much

Styling the winter coat

The diet shouldn’t need to be changed or added to for extra calories in the winter but warm cereal can boost the carbs and energy levels the hair style for the winter coat for the single coats the hair is thicker and dense laying flat without losing shine

The double coats have a nice thick layer of guard hair and a wooly thick undercoat

The drop coats are not to be left over the winter combing and brushing clipping not as short to maintain comfort tangle free and knot free as possible daily brushing for these pets takes 5 to 10 minutes while you watch your favorite show on television

Grooming in the winter is as important as any other time of the year the hair may grow a little slower but dosnt mean to say they need the extra coat to stay warm if they live indoors with you.

Have a Heart for the outside dog 

Winter snow no cover on the dog a wooden house on a chain is just cruelty the same for the chained dog in a backyard that gets let off now and again no blankets no bath it’s the watchdog its cruel

The RSPCA cannot do much if the dog has shelter is feed looks to be in good condition its left and they are only called when the dog is constantly barking and the neighbors are upset, there’s a reason why the dog is barking 

Education on Animal welfare before owning a dog should be compulsory and the same for the people who want a long coated dog and want all their hair shaved off every summer it just doesn’t make sense.

So if you love your dog in the spring the summer the Autumn love your dog regardless of the season, Groom them in the winter as well.

They love you unconditionally 

From the winter in the tropics to the winter in the snow all dogs need to be groomed paws and nail care good grooming tools will keep your companion healthy keep them warm clean bedding and bring them in from the cold  

Please leave a comment below let’s put some love back into the world one paw at a time.

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