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Nail clipping and trimming Education Nail and Paw care


Cutting and Trimming Nail Care

Dogs Paws can be sensitive to touch for your dog to get use to the maintenance of their nails and paws holding the paws as in shake hands is a good start, high five and a treat 

Training your dog to trust you with their paws and nail clipping can be done with a slow introduction of cutting one at a time leave it and return to the task a little later.

Just one then slowly working through to all eighteen nails  including dew claws to keep a puppy still long enough to get this done can be stressful so eliminate the stress and move onto something else and go back to it later in 5 minutes

Precautions Education Nail Chart  

There are some precautions to take into consideration before cutting or trimming and filing dogs nails we will go over the different tools and what they are best used for and for the size dog you have but first let’s take a look at this chart,

The black paws are harder to see the quick we should only be cutting the tips at the end not towards the thicker base of the nail remember only the tips white nails the pink quick is easier to see so just the tip is sufficient 

Inside dogs nails grow quicker and filing is good to keep the nails shorter the dew claw is the hidden claw on the inside of the front leg hair can cover the nail and this is the one to keep an eye on because its well hidden it can be forgotten these nails can curl inwards cause discomfort and pain 

I cut my dog’s nails too short and its bleeding what do I do!

The Quick is like the tender white part under your nails cutting the nail to short and it will hurt bleed

We need to stop the bleeding fast don’t worry it can be stopped and it will heal fast here is a medical precaution just in case this happens apply pressure to the nail spray an antiseptic on it straight away if you have a stock tar even better or styptic powder, which has an ingredient in it called ferric subsulfate  Kwick Stop

Styptic powder Remedy and Recovery Professional groomers

A Home Remedy 

Gently dip the dog’s bleeding nail into the cornflour mix from the palm of your hand repeating the process a wet tea bag has been known to work as well with the cornflour paste  do not rub the claw the clotting that starts will aid coagulation and the blood will clot 

Once bleeding does cease continue to compress the wound with a clean cloth, be careful not to squeeze the paw.

you can use ice to reduce the blood flow

Try to keep the dog calm and still and not to walk around you may need to bandage the paw to stop licking which can cause infection now this is a server cut minor cuts to the nails should be treated the same. 

Once you are sure that the dogs nail bleeding has been stopped, wash the affected nail with lukewarm water  apply antiseptic cream or spray keep the paws treated and clean and bandage if necessary 

If you are unsuccessful to cease the bleeding after 15-30 minutes and clotting is not taking place

Call your veterinarian immediately. 

consult a vet if the dog’s paw or toe becomes inflamed swollen, or does not appear to be improving.

Infection is what we want to avoid have on hand in the medical kit Betadine iodine solution Hydrogen Peroxide (Certigen or Blu) available from almost any stock saddlery or veterinarian Certigen is a pink spray it will stain the coat also can be used on minor cuts     

While I am mobile I always keep a small first aid kit on board for just in case it only takes the dog to pull back flinch for a mishap so clipping nails is not brain science it’s just a part of grooming that needs to be taken care of for better movement. if you haven’t got time cornflour is in most households 

Ok so now your prepared for any emergencies don’t panic you know what to do and that is a good start let’s move onto the many nail clippers and there uses for small and large dogs 

Dog nail grinder


Quiet Portable USB Rechargeable 

Powerful Grinding Wheel – pet nail grinder wheel made of emery can quickly and safely trim your pet’s nails,

Safer and more effective than Dog Nail Clippers to reduce your pet’s fear of trimming toenails, let your pet enjoy the process of manicuring nails

Very affordable the motor is quite hold the paw and make a buzzing sound take hand off and hold each toe make the sound pretend you’re using the grinder tool introduce this slowly not all dogs like this and it can take a bit of persuasion 


Safety grip handle easy to use for professional or DIY groomining safe for other pets cats rabbits safety guard with quick sensor for smaller breeds lighter nails the poodle nail trimmer for small animals 


Triple tree get 3 nail trimmers for a very low price stainless steel recommended by professionals for the growing puppy to adulthood these should last a long time, with safety guard and a free nail file 


Original pet nail clipper one of my favorites the clipper can lose its spring and some are of poor quality and can rust make sure they are stainless steel and not light the heavier ones will last longer


6-3 inch safety guard nail Clippers for large dogs stainless steel Razor sharp blades safety grip handles I would caution the spring always store closed

The Boshel pet nail clipper is an ergonomically designed Powerful and easy-to-use pet grooming tool, the nail trimmer is recommended by animal trainers, veterinarians, professional pet groomers and thousands of satisfied customers for the best pet nails in town.


For the large breeds free file Quick safety guard stainless steel also for medium breeds for the tough nails 

Stainless steel nail cutters

Stainless steel is going to last longer stay sharper and easier to clean the light cheaper brands can rust so discard immediately don’t use them.   

The modern nail clipper has safety features non slip grip handles a quick sensor guard and can include a nail file

Can I use Human nail clippers on my Dog  

On the market there is a nail clipper that is similar to the human nail cutters I don’t recommend these because it is to easy to cut too much off and a dog’s nail is a totally different shape to our nails 

Notice the different shape of the blade

human nail clippers have a slight curve dog and cat clippers have a rounded curve to the blade 

This example is of the the scissor for poodles puppies cats rabbits and small animals they to have the same quick as our dogs

The best way to clip the nails is to hold the nail at the base with your thumb and index finger hold the clipper up under the nail use your own nail to feel where the thinner part of the nail begins

and only cut the tip dogs that have not had the nails cut often as we see in older dogs the quick can be quite long and the nails are thicker don’t cut sideways always under and the blade facing away from the paw 

The pictures on the sales adds show from the side think of how the blade is curved by cutting on the side if this is easier to see how I do it

I use my own nail as a guide curving my thumb under the nail

We can all be as careful as possible but there will come a day that accidents happen and its when we least expect it  and this can happen even for an expert on a small Australian terrier she pulled back as I took the cut I felt so bad I stopped the bleeding and I must have kissed this dog 100 times I made such a big deal she actually forgot what all the fuss was about.

To wrap it up 

Regular exercise is good for the nails older dogs need special attention as they may not be as active 

  1. So we have covered what the inside of a dogs nail looks like,
  2.  what to do if you accidently cut the quick,
  3.  the many different nail cutters for all sizes of nails from small to large dogs
  4.  and we have covered why we shouldn’t use human nail clippers on dog nails.

We hope you have enjoyed this article with grooming tips medical tips in case you slip and cut the quick some tools to get the job done use the orange words to click on to find the link to the product for purchasing 

thank you for your feedback a review is coming soon about a Revolutionary nail clipper which I have invested in this one has a light and catches the clipped nails its also lightens up the quick so its easier to see. coming out soon.




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