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Best Grooming scissors for the home or Professional


Better Dog Grooming Scissors for your Hands

looking for the best scissors for you we are going to start for the Home Groomer easy to use scissors life length and how to choose the best scissors for your hands for small hands or starting as a beginner


for Full body nice and small scissors easy to use


The different quality in metals 

Hard Japanese 9CR13 high carbon stainless steel. Coated titanium like this set has a low noise sound when trimming 

5 piece set for faces Paws ears nose for home use 

Scissors and Shears are the same thing just different dialog in language so don’t be confused

8 Inch 440C Rainbow Color Curved Scissor lightweight Two-way Curved Scissor, the Dragon range popular very light to use the bigger hand or long fingers have more control and are used more for professional use

For smaller hands these maybe to light and easy to slip or over cut the delicate middle holding screw can come loose so the snipping shouldn’t be for fast use,

How to hold and use

Always use your small finger and the second finger in never the thumb and pointer finger as you would to cut paper you need to look after your tendons

Rounded Tip
Rounded or ball-tipped scissors are used for safely grooming


Delicate areas such as the face eye area muzzles ears. for trimming between the pads fine hair the ball tip will prevent you from poking in to deep also warm them up with your fingertips so its not cold for in between toes.

These scissors are great  for active dogs. Straight and curved blades available

Thinning shears or scissors have a straight bade and a wide tooth blade some have two comb like blades as in our picture we can use these to cut through stubborn knots or mats without taking a big chunk out

  • Professional and quality smooth fast cut
  • 6.5 In Coat Thinning pet scissors, Coarse 22 teeth blade the picture on the left is for left handed. so there is a difference 

This scissor tool that can be used to blend out sharp lines giving the coat a more natural blended look thinning out bulky areas like around the fluffy trousers the neck mane or the legs not to much otherwise you will have short hair and long staggled bits on a dog’s coat.

It is best if you have your dog restrained first. stay still In using these shears or scissors we shouldn’t use tear motions your not stripping the hair these give a dog a smooth coat and avoid ripping the hair out so don’t tug use them like a normal scissor but with a tease cut action

Where to purchase
Scissors can be purchased from Ebay Gumtree they may not be as sharp or not quite what you expected the best type is stainless steel the Cobalt range is not as good and the carbon range but it’s up to you and what you prefer to use

Cutting hairs and through coarse coats demands high quality materials along with new technologies to provide a long lasting smooth even cut that stays the same from the first day of use up to 5 years.

The quality of a cut is not just about the shape of the grooming shears, but also about the metal used and treatments applied during the manufacturing process. 

Keeping them sharp

To keep your scissors clean cut tin foil there is a myth it will sharpen them but it cleans them rather than sharpens

Do not cut other materials with your scissors the fibres will damage the blades

A good knife sharpening Service locally will probably charge you $5.00 a piece and its best to get them sharpened by a sharpening specialist rather than doing it yourself

Do not use them on your own hair this will blunten them why because of the silicone build up the strands in human hair is different here’s how and why

What’s the difference to Human hair and Dog Hair/Fur for cutting with scissors

Fur and hair are both made out of a protein compound called keratin the same as our fingernails they are similar on a genetic level. Fur is light softer and finer hair is coarse and the strands are thicker

Many people believe that dogs with hair, like the poodle Afghan Hound and silky terrier and terrier breeds are hypoallergenic breeds and are crossed with other breeds for size and conformation these dogs are less likely to trigger allergies in people who are allergic to dogs.

That’s how we get the poodle cross breeds known as Schnoodles cavoodles labradoodles but this isn’t all true the protein chains and compounds produced by the animals saliva skin and other parts of the dogs body

What is Dander 

Hair and fur spread a spore called dander which is a thick dandruff mixed with dead skin cells dander is microscopic and not easily seen by the naked human eye although it can be transported through the air like fine dust which forms a food source for the common house dust mite,

Right so now you wouldn’t want to use the same brush as your dog and this is what causes the allergies in people it’s not really the hair or fur.

So for the double coated dogs that have thicker and dense coats seem to trigger the allergy people off and it’s not the hair or fur but the allergies to fine dust and mites.

Not saying your dog’s coat is full of mites but thats why Grooming is so important to keep the loose hair out and helps keep the coat less dusty. and this is why pets have special shampoo to kill the unwanted fungal bacteria that we cannot see.

Hair and Fur have different Growth cycles

hair is coarse and grows longer in length the growth cycle is slower as it grows in sections from the follicle base these dogs don’t seem to shed a lot so using a good pair of scissors will help keep the length under control also known as the drop coat for continuously growing hair maltese, Afgan, Scottish terrier tibetan terrier

Fur as in the double coats or long coat breeds long haired German Shepherd Golden Retrievers Pomeranians have growth phases

Anagen the follicle is active releasing the new hair strand Dog hair takes longer in this phase

Transitory the growth pauses and the sheath of the root bonds to the hair.

Telogen  the new hair has reached out of the follicle into the light it is alive and not dying.


The last phase is follicle release the hair away from the follicle and the cycle starts all over again.

The process is faster in the summer months or as the weather starts to warm up and the winter coat is now in the shedding phase, this is the natural hair growth and shedding process

Dog fur sheds more often and goes through the entire growth process  a lot quicker so that’s why the Double coats shed so much and the drop coats need to be scissored more.

There are 3 main scissors for grooming 




There are smaller scissors for paws ears and knots.

Hair and Fur can but cut with scissors for clipping this is for the shorter length required scissors are used for these purposes


Shorten length

Trimming Legs,Tails,paws

Body shaping

For the Professional Groomer 

10 inch Pet Grooming Cutting Scissors  Expensive yet Premium Quality to last the distance and stay sharp longer

7 Inch Professional-Grade Dog Grooming Hair Scissors

8 inch 440c Rainbow color Scissors for professional use


high end series straight cutting scissors

The blade is very sharp and smooth with the best cutting Angle of 45 degrees

Scissor Kits usually have 3 Scissors and 1 comb combination sets are better and easier to replace if needed purchase the right size for your hands the ring size is important as well rings for firmer fitting can be purchased separately

The Titanium 7.0 inch straight thinning and curved high-quality 6CR stainless steel with high hardness, so that the scissors are durable and sharp.

Each scissors suffers forties process carefully polishing and grinding  so that the scissors are better quality and more durable. the thinning scissor is not sharp and will not clip the hair for feathering for a natural teased look. 


5 inch  7.0 inch  7.5 inch  8 inch  8.5inch  9 inch & 10 inch

The anatomy of a Pair of scissors notice the finger ring rest most professionals prefer these the purpose is to rest the thumb  (Scissors should be comfortable sharp ergonomy in shape for muscle fatigue and have a safety design for handling) 


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