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Dog Grooming Training for life


Training your Dog to be groomed for life

If your fortunate enough to bring home your puppy from 8 to 12 weeks old you have a head start in training from fresh beginnings with playing bonding settling in toilet training and grooming 

with puppies it’s all fun and games grooming the puppies and older dogs article touches more on the training subject but we will go more in depth in this article.

Patting rolling over examination game starting from the face examine the eyes ears teeth pats and treats it all about good attention and praise as well as a judge would go over your dog in a critique running your hands don the back legs hind quarters done thats training in 5 minutes and should be repeated on a continuous and regular basis 

Introducing the brush or comb is best done after play or a walk never in the excited mode the brush is not to be introduced as a toy.

we want to brush our dog without them trying to bite it so it is best to approach when its a relax time just one stroke and gently brushing all over don’t forget to examine the paws as well touching the paws nails pretend to cut them

Avoiding words later or changing how you go about bath time can be a challenge of hide and seek so try not to make it such a big deal if your in a routine the dog will except if slow and patient quality time is used

The advise of just use dishwashing liquid and some white vinegar is bad advice here’s why 

Dishwashing liquid has degreaser in it 

vinegar is a cleaner and is used for breaking down oils 

The combination can dry the coat out and cause the follicles to produce more oil to replace what the hair or fur has been stripped of although the vinegar can be a good deodoriser baking soda would probably work better 

Soaps smell nice but the same thing drying out the coat and giving it a very dull look and leave your dog with an itchy dry skin 

If you have no good shampoo the best would be wool wash for woolens as a back up but not to often Eucalyptus is good for fleas Down to Earth wool wash for red stained coats in collies can bring out the white to a brilliant white and not ruin the coat 


Nice and Gentle on noses Organic Ingredients earth Friendly natural Eucalyptus and peppermint Shampoo and Conditioners




Luke warm water is better than cold and a higher temperature can cause over fluffing or wrinkles in the coat a high velocity hair dryer will help to take out the wrinkles in the coat if the water is to warm shedding will be worse after the bath 

We must remember Dogs like to be stinky and don’t mind being smelly a well cared for dog and trained dog may not mind the bathing experience my shepherd would sulk if he didn’t get his weekly bath and sit in the shower for me as a reminder but he had been bathed every fortnight without a miss for 4 years so it became like a normal routine thing to do 

Making the tub a good experience with fun and games toys and treats empty tub first then a little water for wet paws a light brush bath and towel off is a good start, massage on the head  it’s all focused on a good experience

For the timid

wrap them in a towel put a small amount of shampoo in the water use a soft cloth to clean the face and soak the cloth and squeeze on through the towel the towel acts like a cuddle cradle and towel in the tub to sit on gives the dog a non slip surface they feel safe.

Be careful with the ears not to get soap or water in them face the head down to wash off use less soap sudsing shampoos lots of soap and bubbles makes it hard to clean off and it take along time. 

drying wrap the smaller dog up to soak up excess water change towel and concentrate on drying the ears and head first a shake and repeat don’t let them go there going to roll and slide all over the floor and furniture. 

Get Prepared First 

Get the right shampoo. for your Dogs Coat type. use a non perfume or high fragrance Dogs hate it the smell so rinse well 

 Brush your dog with a bristle brush or Pin brush go with the flow of the coat  try the  three towel trick.

have a towel to step out on and a towel to cover and a second towel to dry thoroughly

Use a non slip mat if needed

Use lukewarm water fill the tub or sink first the sound of a running tap can stress them out if his not to keen on the water sound running into the tub

Plastic bag for loose hair for after to clear the drain or use a steel wool to catch the hair discard after use 

Any washing tools like a rubber soft Pin brush

Ready to introduce to the water use your hand to wet the face and paws

Then slowly introducing the bath

Apply the shampoo along the back some in hands for the front and behind including the tail 

lather and rinse thoroughly repeat with the conditioner rinse well you maybe able to adjust the temperature from the tap rinsing is easier a shower nozzle on the tap to use like a shower is better

Rinse Well

Rinsing all soap residue and conditioner from the coat is very important soap left behind can cause itching and matted hair and with the conditioner not all rinsed out properly the coat takes longer to dry and will be slimy which will attract the dirt   

 2 towels is usually enough. Have one towel ready to cover ready to drape over the dog to soak up the most of the water. keep the dog in the towel.

 Use second towel is the anti shake on you towel lift slightly and let them have a shake for a small to medium size dog you second towel should be for the second drying phase

introduce the dryer turn on turn off get them use to the sound first. 

Using the towel wrap around the neck or shoulders the hair dryer should never be on the face first by holding the towel in place use the hair dryer to dry from behind first keep the towel on the body use a dryer towel as well

Gently take hold of his muzzle with your thumb and forefinger when a dog starts to shake he starts with the rotation of his head then he can rotate his body, and if he can’t rotate his head, he can’t rotate his body, but do let him have a shake with a towel draped over them saves you and everything getting wet  

Use dryer on the lower speed

  This is really cute its a brush and dryer in one



It’s a bit hard to see being white what a great idea not for salon use but I don’t see why not a high velocity dryer would work better


High Velocity Dryers are load and blow a lot of hair everywhere but in a salon they are perfect for fast drying

Do not let the dog go the first thing they want to do is roll and get the wet off their faces and dry their ears so running all over the furniture sliding all over the place to get dry is not a good habit to in still.

             Anal Glands You may want to do this in the tub   

When you get to the tail, you can empty your dog’s this is optional as a groomer I don’t do it but it is a smelly task you will need some large swabs a mask and use gloves  this method as suggested  

Use your thumb and forefinger to gently squeeze at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions, using the anus as the clock face. Disposing of anything that has come in contact with the fluid.

What are Anal Glands For 

These organs are on either side of the anal area they produce a smelly odor for marking territory on their faeces this is a communication for other dogs ever notice they want to smell others business

they can determine many factors about the other dogs mood, size, how long ago was this visitor male or female Alpha or Omega and then the males usually urinate close by.

The Glands can become impacted if your not comfortable a Veterinarian will do it or the vet nurse they can show you its not hard just a not nice job to do but in some dogs this needs attention some dogs usually the larger breeds don’t have this problem 

perfectly dry coat before clipping

If your Dog is Dried properly and brush afterward with a bit more attention they usually will not go and roll in the first smelly thing they can find, give more attention afterward to make sure they are dry and then feed them or have a treat some dogs just like the cuddle afterwards or a short play followed by a nap.

Now if we are going into clipping the coat needs to be thoroughly dry no wet patches at all why because a dry coat is easier than a wet and it’s not good for the blades you maybe able to tidy up the legs or do some trimming but when it dries it’s usually very short 

using a quite clipper less noisey the clipper the less stress placing anything that is load and noisey up close to any animal that is not use to the noise will automatically stress and be afraid to introduce the tool with noisey first and no action short action reduce noise for the scaredy cat dogs that just won’t adjust to the noise and you tried everything there is a solution 


Bousnic dog or Cat clippers

cats don’t like loud noises so a cat friendly clipper for small fur babies will do a good job for the more timid or to introducing a clipper the Km 2 is medium quite the Saltwater brand is loader not for the timid I recommend starting with this type of clipper 

Always take your time in DIY we can stop and start in the Salon it’s a little bit different lots of care but a quick job some think the quicker the better well if it works go with the flow of what works best within the circumstances

We hope you keep the whole experience a gentle and fun time for you and your dog practice patience and consistency persistence is the key to good pet parenting

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