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Stress & Anxiety for Dogs at Salons and Grooming in General


Signs of Stress in your dog after a day at the Salon

How can we tell if our dog enjoys going to the salon you have chosen to take them to we can sometimes go buy the reaction if we are going to the vet clinic most dogs go once and dread any visit thereafter the nervousness of smells and just like Hospital for us can be a nervous visiting as long as we are not the ones in the bed it is not so bad

Here’s a Scenario

You took your dog into the Groomers and all seemed to go well no incidents only the fact that you had to cage or kennel the dog for a short time in between grooms and the dog was let out to be free in the play pen area didn’t seem to mind the whole experience but wasn’t overly excited about it

Now from this point we need to really focus on the dog that is showing any signs of cowering submissiveness antisocial sad eyes sitting alone or tucking themselves up in a corner

maybe this dog has never been in a cage before or it could be all the noise some dogs stress at the sound of other dogs barking this is common in the rescue dog or one that has been impounded Anxiety of separation from the pack and all alone previous experiences

each dog needs to be tasked individually so in a busy salon these dogs need to be scaled out into a different time that is less noisy not so busy and the visit is short and sweet no waiting time the less time the dog spends in the salon can reduce the stress for these dogs big time

We have the dogs that are good at the lead-free park play with everyone room to run in the salon there’s not that much room the smell of shampoo noisy hair dryers barking dogs business on the floor and it happens all = STRESS for the groomers the dogs and it is not a happy environment but what happens when

The owner says the dog’s appetite decreased, she threw up and hid under the bed when we got home oh no the owner now thinks something happened at the salon maybe they ate something before they arrived was it the heat from the car was it the stress from the salon

100 reasons why this dog got sick after the visit to the salon it could be a delayed response to something that happened earlier

We can say nothing unusually occurred everything went fine

See how important it is to ask questions

Just like a Vet Nurse a groomer assistant needs to note everything they can about this dog.

I recommend a short report be done how the visit went how long they stayed and I always go over the dog first

  1. checking gums ears
  2. teeth paws butt and temp but I don’t use a thermometer of course feeling under the front legs signs of panting shaking if a dog comes in and is shaking panting and just highly stressed I won’t take them I go to the home if possible or I do very little
  3. take a break go for a walk and the visit is no more than 1 hour or less

Remember some dogs just don’t like being groomed they don’t like a lot of noise certain smells and it could even be the stranger doing the grooming The owner is the pack leader in the Dogs eyes so be friends with the pack leader it helps build a trust in the pack

talking is communicating and by the dog can be acceptance not all owners can stay with their dogs so the first visit should be the make or break in the deal the dog has to like the groomer

if your dog dosnt like the groomer there’s nothing anyone can do to change that dogs have an inbuilt instinct that humans don’t have so trust your dog

As Groomers yes we take it personal when a dog is not happy or the owners not happy and we stress after hours an environment that is less booked relaxed and enjoyable with an amazing happy dog and beautiful grooming finish

This is what we all strive for but we all have those Days when things just happen and it is a snowball of a day so don’t milk it get over it fast or you will be hitting the wine bottle every night

As for the dogs we need to read the signs first watch the behavior reactions and report it all back to the owner

yes even the cut on the chin any warts bumps lumps toilet times ask it won’t sometimes hurt the owners will give you the life story and that’s good

Listen well take mental notes this is bobby dosnt like heights or being caged and build a list to lower the stress for the dogs

Music makes a difference

The radio on rock Fm is fine for around the home the dogs probably use to it but in a strange place relaxing solfeggio 528 or the national program radio channel works best.

We all have our taste in music as energy beings that we are Animals pick up on frequencies to so the load Dryer vacuum sounds echos like a deafening ringing in a dog ears

Signs of stress

  1. Mild stress include frantic panting,
  2. Dilated pupils, starry eyes
  3. Yawning, excess drooling
  4. Teeth chattering, whining, barking, howling,
  5. Rigid body wrinkled muzzle ready to bite, low growling
  6. Dogs experiencing mild stress might appear more energetic or hyperactive or they might be lethargic.
  7. it is difficult for a groomer to know if any of these behaviors are normal without observing outside the grooming environment.
  8. Trembling rigid posture, barking, snapping,
  9. submissive urination, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and an inability to focus. Are signs of aggressive fear based stress
  10. So we need to observe all these factors and assess how to reduce the stress

A change in shampoo or conditioners allergic reactions are all things we need to consider when going to a home when they want the dog bathed.

I always ask what do they use and use what they have by supplying my own which I do I always consent the owners first and ask them if this product would be OK

I could have up to 20 different products so to save time and money it is sometimes easier to use the owners recommended product after all they know their dog better than you.

Treats are a hit and miss because not all dogs will accept food from strangers so fair enough and always ask the owner first the dog maybe allergic to the treats

Thank you for reading our post please feel free to leave a comment

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