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Cleanliness for our Dogs Passion or Obsession


Cleanliness Passion or Obsession 

The Dog we chose is usually one that fits our lifestyles we think a short haired dog that won’t shed too much or a cute fluffy that is allergy free and some of us just love the big cuddly fluff balls.

most of all we chose them not for coat but for their personalities and character and some of us consider the hair shedding the doggy smells and accidents so we need to deal with it because it’s all part and parcel of owning a dog right

Cleanliness of our dogs are you passionate or obsessed with a clean dog and clean home here’s some tips to help you out

Too keep the home clean from doggy smells

It all starts with the cleanliness of the floors our dogs tend to spend more time on the floor than we do constant vacuuming and deodorizers powders sprays all that stuff just adds to the smell laundry detergents  formulated for pets in mind Miracle laundry Boost will kill bacteria odors and is a stain remover Organic ingredients and has a pleasant peppermint smell

High perfume smells and doggy smell don’t go down well

Here’s some tips for deodorising the house from doggy smells

  • Baking soda and Lemon juice mixed in a spray bottle solution
  • White Vinegar
  • Methylated spirits (purple) diluted in Hot water for mopping floors
  • Vacuuming with a good pet hair collecting brush

The baking soda can be sprinkled straight onto the accident area it’s also good for washing the dog Blankets adding lemon juice to the water wash in warm water leave overnight outside to air and dry a good 12 hours of sun and wind works wonders or a good Laundry Boost for pets

White Vinegar has a faint smell but is pet safe for bathing as well Apple Cider Vinegar in the bath water can help with itchy skin.

 A lot of the time it’s in our carpets too if you don’t have pets dirt flies into the home anyway dust from fans notice a fan on in a room has more dust floating around and on the skirtings than a room without the fan on.

Our poor dogs cop the lot. Dust is attracted to our hair as well

We can be passionate about our dogs health and cleanliness or obsessed with it for the passionate they don’t seem to mind a bit of dog hair on the floor and the obsessive well we just go overboard clean the dog the house every day and that’s fine cleanliness is next to godliness as my Bull Terrier breeder friend used to say.

11 Good grooming tools for a clean dog

Bristle Brush

Friction Rubber brush

Slicker or fine soft pin brush

Shedding comb

Dematting comb

Shedding Rake

Metal combs

Tear stain comb

malting or Hound glove

Microfiber towel / leather Chamois

Brissell BarkBath QT Bath system

5 top cleaning items to always have in the Dog grooming Aid kit

Hydrogen Peroxide Kills bacteria 

Baking Soda Eliminates odors

Salt absorbs moisture and urine oil ans softens water

Eucalyptus spray kills fleas, eliminates odors kills bacteria 

White Vinegar neutraliser of acid and smells 

Cornflour & Baby Powder softens knots in coat 

Iodine/ Betadine cream or liquid solution for scratches minor wounds

Tin Foil Keep off the coach or away from carpet cleaned area

Methylated Spirits ( purple ) kills bacteria evaporates water fast 

Washing Soda softens water for towels separate hair from cloths easier

Now you may look at this list and think what ? Tin foil what’s that for or salt ? washing soda ?

let me explain after cleaning an accident on the floor or your nicely cleaned floor area, or coach this is what the tin foil is for placed nicely where the accident happened your dog is less likely to walk on the tin foil to go and spoil your hard work

or to return to the same spot the washing soda removes Dog hair from materials like towels this softens the water soak the towels in a dilution of washing soda then rinse well and repeat in clean water then wash after a good shake out no hair remains on the towels tried and tested and it works.

Methylated spirits is used in vet clinics known for killing bacteria on stainless steel on wooden floors they come up nice but on other surfaces as well with the hot water the meths evaporates and drys floors fast

Cornflour and baby powder for removing dirt off paws and cleaning ears this softens the hair brushing out debris easier use a microfiber cloth to clean under and in between the toes helps with tar on paws too

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% has so many uses as a teeth cleaner kills bacteria on wounds and teeth and Gums now don’t go using a brush and brushing your dog’s teeth with this because if they swallow it can be very poisonous.

Good to use this in a spray bottle for the bedding areas to eliminate smells of course a good shake out and a wash in the solution helps to just add a small amount to the wash in the machine with lemon juice and 2 caps of White vinegar.

Dog Teeth Hygiene

We can spit ! dogs cannot so leave this to a professional who has done it before and knows how to do it without poisoning the dog there is Chicken Toothpaste for dogs this is better for them it’s not very expensive but it’s a lot safer than Hydrogen Peroxide.

So why did I mention this because people actually use it themselves to whiten their teeth and yes it has good results but not for the dog why because dogs cannot spit like us their more likely to lick and swallow

Eucalyptus is amazing it kills dust mites eliminates smells kills fleas and has a pleasant odor spray bed boxes and bedding helps keep the nasties away and it’s pet friendly to 2 drops in 1 litre is plenty more than that is just for your nose remember dogs noses are 1000x more sensitive than ours. 

Salt this is good for the outside business area on the grass urine from dogs can kill the grass so a little salt water and the rind from oranges and green leaf juice is good for the grass areas maybe not the pot plants or citrus trees 

Salt and baking soda  also soaks up moisture very fast and crystallizes then it’s easy to brush up off the concrete or elevated kennels put underneath to eliminate kennel smells with lime it wont go completely but it neutralizes odors.

So we have covered some Grooming tools to keep our dogs Cleanliness up to standard some tips on cleaning around the house and kennels clean bedding 

by keeping our dogs clean groomed and cared for we are caring for our own health as well a healthy home is a happy home 

We hope you liked this article Cleanliness for our Dogs passion or obsession it’s all part of grooming as well happy grooming please leave a comment for us below 

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