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Tips to Saving Money While you build Your Grooming Business


When Starting out in any business

 A budget is a good start you may have borrowed money or saved to invest or you maybe starting from scratch from your job 

saving money can be a real challenge to set up, money just goes and we need to think of investment for return and profit. 

If you are fortunate to have a full time job and can afford to spend a few dollars on grooming accessories to get started you don’t need much at all buying New on some items is a must some things you can pick up second hand and from bargain stores 

Set a budget of at least 500 to 1000 just for the basics but you can always start with just a few grooming tools 
into your business a good way to start is with a PayPal account and then Pay Pal here which is a phone app set by bluetooth they have a call centre with a real person to help you out if you forget your password or setting the device up I have not added the links for security purposes 

For every 50.00 for the first 5 dogs save it

The next 5 save 50% when you have a good budget plan and a goal of the next item you need to purchase PayPal makes it easy for purchases and deliveries from buying online cash you need to take out travel expenses new grooming equipment allowance and some pocket money for you.

Keep a record of all the dogs you have groomed there is free advertising pages use them and a phone app like Airtasker Oneflare master services Home services Stella just to get started they also will rank you on google a Facebook page take photos of every Groom before and after share to social media.

A community newsletter to reach your market offering Discounts for example pensioners, City apartment dogs you may offer other services Pet minding or walking included this may cost a few hundred dollars per year but the coverage should reach at least 20,000 viewers 

business cards Flyers and Posters logos on items check out Vista Print as a member you can receive emails with great discounts  

A creative name helps

Some people will use your service because they like your name 

Dont be too cheap and be careful with Quotes always quote higher because by doing so if you do a job and it’s a big timer the dogs naughty well has had lack of attention it is very easy to undercut yourself

Traveling time and money aso wear and tare on  grooming equipment so 65.00 2 hours still pays you 20 Hr + 35.00 less expenses 20.00 back into the business but don’t take the 40.00 put that back into your starting cost every cent saved is paying back for the tools you just purchased to get started. 

to save time with getting started I have put together a starter Pack now if you did a Course some of your Grooming equipment maybe included its a good start or if your working in a salon you may get some good discounts 

Here’s how the plan should look 

Savings for Grooming Equipment $ 500.00  includes

Clippers Wahl KM2  blades sold separately   


           Wahl clipper combs 

Wahl Clipper Blades  

  • #5 blade (1/8″ Cut)
  • #4 blade (1/4″ Cut)
  • #2  blade (3/8″ Cut)
  • #1 blade (1/2″ cut)
  • #0 (5/8″ cut) or a #30 
  • #A (3/4″ cut)
  • #C (7/8″ cut)
  • #C (7/8″ cut)
  • blades you will use the most #10 # 7, 7F #4 & # 5  your clipper will usually come with a # 10 so you will need to purchase at least 3 blades 
  • Purchase Wahl clipper oil 
  • Then I recommend a smaller clipper for the belly and hygiene areas

however your # 30 or # 10 blade work just as well but they are a little bulky for the smaller dogs.

Grooming table         this table is fold away and portable under $100.00 and will suite smaller dogs  

Portable Bath bark Bath     

Towels some reasonable good thick bath towels old ones are best white is not a good color but as long as they are semi presentable it shouldn’t matter 

Shampoo & Conditioner    Specially formulated for the portable Bark bath Now not all dogs may like this option and there is some training that is required but their laundry tub or bathtub to start out is just as good but do try and leave it clean or rinsed out 

Scissors       These are reasonably priced good quality and good for a start you may choose another brand or like the rounded tip scissors its really personal choice of what you feel comfortable with.

You may want to add to the collection brushes nail clippers some pin brushes on our page  Basic grooming tools to groom your dog ‎ has a list of other grooming accessories you may like 

So let’s say you placed your first free advert and you have some cute photos of your own Dog 

Your first Groom is a Shih Tzu Maltese Full Groom bath nails 

you charge the job at $50.00 – $10 for travel put 40.00 away the second job Small dog less than 10 kg $ 25.00  use 20.00 for travel save 5.00 and keep going eftpos don’t spend it have a limit of 500 always in the account

Ff an Advertising deal comes up that gives you good exposure you have the money after awhile your clientele will grow from 2 dogs to 5 to 10 to 15 and so on you will get the one offs and what you are aiming for is a manageable number of up to 4-6 per day now with travel and times the calls can be tricky but always have a weekly goal to aim for. 

The example is for a mobile Groomer if you take on a Franchise you will be given training about the way they do their system from Accounts expenditure area coverage and forecasted income 

Seperate your Grooming income from your other income and keep an eye on replacing and adding to your tools it will look small to start slowly purchasing Grooming equipment from your Grooming money is putting back into your business 1 or 2 grooms usually has paid the item back 

It’s good to have a back up income as well there are quite times and some weeks 10 will call and the next week could be 3 and winter is very slow so saving as you go and keeping the overheads low

You will make good money on the side once you hit the 40 dog mark and most of your clients are paying 50-90 average and your PayPal is healthy the cash account looks good now your making a nice profit but still under 10,000 per year 

Getting a Cheap rental property to start your savings from previous has stepped you up into the next level or you might like to keep it simple and enjoy the grooming and extra cash flow and your business will just keep growing what you spent at a Grooming school is now paying itself off 

We all start out in the red  6,000+ after education it will take at least 12-18 months to start to get established and 2-5 years to become successful earning 50-90,000 per year and a record of 400-600 dogs 2 groomers and a nice big salon it is very achievable but savings from the beginning is a key factor 

If you already have the above list from your course you may like 

grooming Table for big dogs 

Material Matting/ Non Slip bath mats 

restraints for your table

extra Blades for back up  

Deshedding combs, brushes leads muzzles and the list goes on  

The list of the basics on our page getting started may give you more ideas of Grooming equipment you may need or want to purchase 

Housekeeping and Good Records

Keep a register of your customers for return business and follow up even if its just to see how things are if they want a chat it’s the repeated business that makes the money from 1 dog in a year can be up to 800$ or more so look after them

Register your Business name as soon as possible Get your Business numbers in place Have a separate tax savings account for every 500.00 put 100 into the tax saving account you may need this just to declare your earnings and to pay the accountant. always be prepared and do things properly it pays off in the long run   

This will give you an idea of where to start the backyard barbeque table can be quite hard on the back as the dog decides to move away from you so a table is more professional looking as well.

I used a patterned plastic vinyl material that is easy to wipe clean about 2 meters in length a tarpaulin just dosnt look very nice you can also use the material for tables and other surfaces it may cost about 30.00 but it’s also a nice presentation as well 

Try not to loan money to get started set goals and dates you want to achieve your Goals be thrifty with your money and enjoy what you are doing 

good luck with all your efforts and I hope these tips of budgets, putting money back into your business, starting small and modest, free advertising using a Paypal account, purchasing grooming equipment, and growing your clientele.

If you would like to share your experiences please leave a comment and if you think this could help someone starting out in a new Dog grooming business please share.  

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