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How to brush your dogs teeth

How to brush Your Dog’s teeth

Did you know 83% of people don’t even think of brushing their dogs teeth

I am going to introduce to you some key points on How to brush your Dog’s Teeth

Is Teeth Hygiene important and why should we even consider brushing the dog’s teeth

We imagine as a puppy they chew things because of teething and they basically clean their teeth but the puppy breath can be very strong and sometimes it’s not the teeth that are causing the problem

sometimes it comes from the gut as well but let’s just focus on the teeth and how we can take care of those canines so in your dog’s older years the breath wont knock the groomer  or the visitors out.

A Dog has 42 teeth we at the best have 28 to 30 we have molars for grinding Dogs have incisors Canines or fangs and small front teeth which should always meet as a perfect bite healthy teeth look white and the gums are pink or black in color The pedigree Chow Chow has a black tongue which is the breed but most dogs have a pink tongue and white teeth


How to introduce teeth brushing for your Dog

How to keep the teeth clean from a puppy dosnt start with a brush we can use a fine damp cloth for chewing and rubbing the teeth opening the mouth examining the mouth just like with Paws and ears we need to train our dogs that part of grooming is examining the teeth

Introducing Dog toothpaste

Yes there is Dog tooth paste  For 6.99 and it comes with a brush so it’s not very expensive at all. veterinarian formulated soothing and effective mix of aloe, neem oil, grapefruit seed extract, baking soda, and enzymes.

Petrodex for Tartar and Plaque build up Poultry flavor so I guess it taste like chicken it helps fight bad breath and has a non foaming enzymes so this means there is no need for rinsing Petrodex Dog Toothpaste             

Petrodex also can be bought with these Dog Toothbrushes

The finger brushes are for sensitive teeth and they have these for small dogs too Dog soft toothbrushes designed just for dogs 

Fluoride toothpaste for humans upsets tummies so to allow the human toothpaste Colgate or any natural toothpaste is not good for your dog.

Biscuits wheat products cheese bread is a quick way to build plague as the Adult teeth come through using a toothbrush made in the design for Dogs teeth will work better, but a Under 5 baby toothbrush will work just as well however they lack reach and can scratch gums. 

You may think well what’s wrong with a normal toothbrush our mouths and teeth are not like dogs teeth the shape is more square and let’s face it a Dog toothbrush was designed for dogs with a diamond shape and a longer handle 


Dual head toothbrushes finger brushes for small and large dogs 

If your dog dosnt mind charcoal this also whitens and cleans teeth Charcoal treats and Biscuits    Good for teeth and kind on tummies Belly aid treats  Baked In Small Batches With No Chemicals Or Preservatives.

The instructions on toothpaste 

Always follow the directions of use on the tube as we all use to much paste on our own brush by pasting on from the length of the brush when it should be put on from side to side the width of the brush a peas size is plenty.

Large Dogs are easier to train to brush on they always want to chew the brush so when brushing on use the cloth to wipe off I talk to my dog as I do this procedure and lots of praise oh wow smell nice look handsome good boy/ girl your amazing etc you got the gist of it

Chew denture toys  are recommended  for chewing on for 5 to 10 minutes at a time treats can be put inside this toothbrush so it encourages them to chew the dental stick up to 2 years introducing a denture chew brush they are more likely to use it 

From the 3 years and beyond dogs don’t really want to chew on things as much as they use to there are treats that can help with tooth hygiene.


Rock star ball

Also there is a water freshener that when added to water can lower the PH in the urine not all products will do this, but a dog breath freshener that can prevent tartar and adds nice breath is a winner

   also good for teeth, there is a product  they are known as Green Rocks that are put in the water ask your local vet about these amazing rocks I know they are available in Australia not sure about the UK so I shall do a search for you.

Bad breath is caused by bacteria as we know so we need to eliminate the bacteria Gum disease in older Dogs can cause health issues gingivitis is very  common in smaller dogs.

As my Tools of the trade Grow tooth brushing is going to part of the Full Groom from ears nails and the bath and clipping as well so teeth brushing is going to be on the grooming agenda

So we talked about using a cloth a thin Microfibre cloth make it damp and the idea is to wipe the teeth use gloves your hands may not taste to good and you don’t want yucky dog breath on your hands.

by using the rubbing of each tooth drooling may be present so use a towel or paper towels to wipe the mess if it happens but keep it short and simple and to a regular routine

Dog Breathe is the most knock out on the planet especially when the gums are infected

A Dog can have dental treatment and for a show Dog I have actually had my Shepherds tooth capped like a filling and polished this is a bit extreme but a Champion is a Champion and to hold the title

to keep them in good condition added many years to his retired life. The upgraded toothbrush stick is chewable for small puppies and bigger dogs love them too they say that they cannot be chewed up non toxic has a  1-Year Warranty Service Dog Toothbrush Stick 100% new with 90 days money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.  

The smaller Dogs are a bit different the jaw is tiny and gentle care should be taken an eyelash  brush for Eyelashes does an amazing job yes the ones you use for your mascara if you can purchase them without the mascara you may find them from a chemist or Distributor in make up  

The twirl in the brush gets into all those hard to reach places and use the rolling motion to get into the little teeth crevices

Dogs and Bones

Some Dogs are not aloud bones ????? what well in this millenium Vets are discouraging Dogs to chew on bones I suppose the large lamb shank with the hock joint is not ideal in the suburban backyard as it will attract flies

and to bury the bone for later is not ideal in the small grass backyard

Chicken Bones raw or cooked are out of bounds cooked lamb chop bones actually a farm dog will enjoy a good chew on a Bone they chew it down for the marrow inside after eating  the bones.

We use to feed a slice of homemade buttered bread so if they swallowed the bones they had a coating as they passed through the colon.

Good Calcium and Vitamins and nutrition from puppy to adulthood can be an advantage for healthy teeth. and strong bones. 

So We have toothpaste toothbrushes Finger Brushes and Chew toys topped off with a Good Calcium supplement for Teeth and Bones We hope you enjoyed this article please leave a comment below or Share with doggy friends Happy Grooming

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