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Easy to use grooming tools for matted hair


Grooming Tools for Matted Hair

Where to start the ears are matted the coat in the back end is knotted up and under the chin the legs are matted, so we have a lot of matted hair and we need some easy to use grooming tools for matted hair

where to begin and how do we get rid of mats in the coat a quick solution is to clip it all off depends on how bad it is there maybe a couple of mats

we can get away with by using some thinning scissors or a Comb with Blade which I find is best for the tough matted hair, Salons don’t usually have the time to take out every mat so clipping is easier and quicker.


The Matted hair remover, has a firm grip rubber handle features  small trappers that cuts the matted hair, out curl the blade under the matt and cut removes knots matts and dead hair there is a 30 Day money back on this product if it dosnt stand up to everything they say Hertzco dematting Comb

For Clipping Under the belly and Hygiene clips

Under the belly and in the front legs using the dematting comb or light pet blade clipper is easy to clip out.

The hind quarter its either a pin brush a light brush being careful not to pinch the skin as we do it

I searched for some dematting tools and combs to help get the knots out but we can all agree on a good bath with a softening conditioner will help loosen the mats as well and while the coat is wet they are easier to see

we can cut them out but leaving big patches is not ideal so here’s an easier way to soften the coat  

start with a bath then use a and double condition the coat adding a coat detangler spray while drying and brushing helps to loosen the hair making it easier for the grooming tools to do the job 

 Adding Agle oil to the bath or coconut oil in the final rinse will help soften the hair do not try to comb out with a steel comb this pinches and pulls at the mats it’s easier to feel the mat use pointed scissors and cut away from the skin so its cut in half then use a bladed comb, Dematting Sprays are also good The Stuff is a conditioner Detangler conditioner 

Regular brushing and combing helps reduce knots and clipping on a regular basis if time is of the essence good grooming tools can make all the difference

Double coats clip or not

Feeling sorry for your thick coated dog in the summer I can understand you thinking let’s clip the hair well be prepared for the next lot of growth as it gets thicker and the guard hairs are not as apparent any more double coats shed and need deshedding tools.

Drop coats need to be thinned and clipped and worst of all they mat up, as the coat grows the finer hair that remains in the skin and gets tangled with the longer hair mats so it’s common for drop coats to get matted hair.

So some of the  tools to help you out the trimmer comb for cats and dogs the blades are replaceable and this comb will cut out most mats safe for all areas of the body. using the 5 inch soft grip rotating comfort comb for medium coats


these are ok but once you feel the mat loosen it away from the skin before trying to comb, the mat out

 This wide tooth rotating comfort comb will help you find the knots for fine and coarse hair can also be purchased with BioSilk Detangling spray plus shine protecting mist. 

Pin Brushes and Matted Hair

Pin brushes and teasing the coat very gently use a cat hair pin brush they seem to be softer and not so sharp tipped the pins are closer together and work well on dense pomeranian coats too

I know its a cat brush but for small dogs the brush is more gentle to use the pins are light and non scratching with soft bristles

Pet Grooming Clippers

Show lovin Pet grooming Clipper cordless plug in for fast charge the blade lasts for years quite tool and so good for hygiene clips there’s no way you can cut your dog’s skin with these they are one of the safest tools to ever use it will cut back like a 10 blade attachment combs come in handy but on some models they are a bit fiddly to get on

Rechargeable cordless easy to use comes with 14 different accessories and a nail file and cat nail clippers showlovin clippers 

For under 50 bucks can’t go wrong I d be lost without mine works well on any coat, with a nice tidy finish for those delicate areas under the belly around the bottom to clean I use a Disinfectant spray and lubricant oil  Wahl Clipper oil for cleaning and cooling the clipping blades.


We have covered combs with blades,matted hair remover, Detangle conditioners and sprays Pin brush for cats and dogs and an easy to use ceramic blade pet clipper, we hope you like our selection of grooming tools to help you to maintain matted hair.

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