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Bissell Barkbath portable Dog Wash Review

Portable Dog Wash Review How to wash a Dog and use less water

Bissell Barkbath quite tone portable bath and grooming system 2nd generation 2290A The noise or sound emitted is similar to a vacuum cleaner.

The unique washing system uses less water

No more shaking wet Dog 

The shampoo smells nice 

Training steps are provided in the guide.

The sound of a vacuum cleaner can be quite loud small dogs and puppies learn so many different sounds in the home and the vacuum cleaner would be one of the loudest and scary sound, we could introduce them to. 

Introducing the portable grooming system like any other grooming tool touch smell investigate before turning on to lower the noise to keep the noise to a minimum a thick microfibre non slip bath mat place under the machine 


Microfiber Shaggy rug thick and absorbent by using 2 Mats one for the machine and the other one for the dog to stand on I use a large plastic tray with the mat in the tray most dogs prefer to sit whatever is comfortable.  

To purchase there are 3 parts to this machine 

The hose and the shampoo box can be purchased from Harvey Norman for about  175 AUD (estimate) and the Shampoo this is exciting news if you live in Australia but here’s the thing the part can be attached to a similar portable system which is used for cleaning furniture, car seats and comes with accessories for around the home 

The machine is loud and is louder than a High velocity hair dryer, not a quite system at all even when placed onto a thick bath mat 

It is this part of the machine that makes all the difference it is designed for pets in mind and by sitting on a non slip thick microfibre mat the noise is reduced to a quieter noise.

The 2nd generation has a lower tone holds more water and is very light 

The Benefits 

  1. Easy to use low noise 
  2. Reduces bacteria growth from one animal to another
  3. Has a waste water tank and fresh water tank separate so the water is not circulating mixing clean water with used water
  4. Comes with Shampoo 
  5. Combing action releasing water like a wet vac and sucking up the water and debri in the coat 
  6. Less water used and can be used anywhere in the home 

For the above advantages sounds great but many have questioned does it clean the dog as good as a full water bath or shower system

Some Disadvantages 

As far as large dogs with thick coats this machine works well but for short single coated dogs like Dobermans Dalmatians Some Mastiff breeds there has been reviews saying it leaks out to much water and was unsuccessful.

The specially designed nozzle makes grooming easy using a trigger to release the water the vacuum draws the water away from the coat, The dog dosnt have a lot of excess water to want to shake off, however there is a trick to stop a dog from shaking

Hold the muzzle with 2 fingers thumb under the mandible and the index finger on the top of the nose if a dog cannot roll his head from side to side he cannot shake his body. this gives you time to get the towel over the body ready for the shake.

The all in one system portable grooming system cost $160.00 and to ship to Australia 80.00 within USA it is free but wait is this in USD 160.00 so I checked it out the total with Shipping was $280 AUD this is a good price

For a Mobile Groomer easy to pack up can be set up in minutes no heating hoses and extension cords, needed. 

hydrobaths can be expensive to run costly in parts and bulky to travel with by using a small portable system your customers and DIY home groomers will love the easy use and results from the Bissell barkbath portable dog wash system has a 13 foot hose to allow you to move the bath unit away from your pet. so the noise is reduced 

It is recommended to be used on dogs (+20 lbs) and is not designed to work on other animals.

for smaller Dogs a wash tub is better. 

The portable bath does come with a microfiber sound dampening mat by using a second rug under the machine reduces the noise even more.

Please read the reviews to see if this machine is right for you 

We would also like your feedback about your purchase and any additional comments are welcome 

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