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The Salon Drop out

What is a Dog Salon Drop out

A dog salon drop out is a dog that has been to a salon for a few years and then the owners move and change groomers the owners decide to get their dog groomed from home as it has become an easier option for them 

They call a Mobile Groomer in and we are told our dog is well behaved never had any problems before grooming techniques to help with grooming

The Behavior 

I am going to tuck my head in curl in my legs in and play dead

I can only sit on one side and try and roll away or off the table so these ones need a Grooming bar on the table and possibly a cradle or a no sit haunch holder



so we need to investigate why! Maybe it is the dew claws that have curled in and that’s why they are tucking the legs in 

Facial expressions say a lot so learn to read them if they have had rough handling a gentle approach soft tone kind words gentle touch.

These dogs have had all the fuss on them and they either hate it or they dont mind these can be difficult dogs to groom

They try the new groomer of what they can get away with to the point of curling up into a ball and stiffening up now this is not good

Talking to a deaf dog wont work, half blind, they can only smell and they know that they can only smell what’s going on so I introduce the tools and let them smell them they also have a sense of awareness so to embrace them in a cuddle position leaning them into you or lean on a on a back bench wall 

The Salon dropout is a difficult customer that has to get use to you being around and assessing their behaviour some owners have told me that their dogs hate water and climb the tub some cry and some shake nervously these dogs I approach differently 

The shaker

I will sit on the floor taking the time to introduce myself to eliminate as much doubt in the dogs mind that I am a friend not an enemy talking to the owners always helps as it shows communication within the pack

The fear biter

First to assess what is the fear then eliminate it 

I will step it down to quieter tools and maybe scissor cut with blades attached assess the hair ears and work out what I need to do to get the job done some dogs I have wrapped in a towel to bath, I try and avoid muzzles but sometimes it is a must

The owners can also be the problem high excitement saying No 10x and can cause the dogs to become anxious remove the owner

whatever will calm the dog for the routine of face feet hygiene I will do the one side or as where ever they want to lay down  they usually get the message and calm quicker 

then other  side and move around the dog in a square

So imagine the dog in 4 parts put an imaginary line from the base of the head from the neck line is called the nape then the crest and the neck leading down to the withers down the spine to the croup to the tail set,

Then a line from the middle of the back down to the abdomen now we have a front section and a back section to work on

Poster available for purchase Dog Bones AnatomyImage result for anatomy of the Dog 

 as the dog curls one side I move to the next section and we may rotate this causes a distraction for the dog your still doing the same things  in grooming but not in a routine sequence but in sections at different stages it takes longer but even with the table arm a dog that has a sensitive throat you may not be able to use a connected lead a loose lead so it’s easy to take on and off if you have the holding part right,

There are holding techniques to keep your dog from sitting down by using your free arm underneath or your hand as a vet nurse or assistant you are taught how to hold dogs to restrain them from biting sitting curling and folding the front legs in

most of the salon dropouts have bad habits too an experienced groomer in handling difficult dogs will master and win the dog over

for the beginner they are a headache and they get flustered and that’s normal but to overcome the dog that dosnt like the feet touched or nails is usually not the salons fault this is the handlers or the owner who has never taken the time examining their dogs, and touching the paws.

touching the paws and nail clipping & trimming Paw Care the tips  often some owners are great the training from home can make all the difference the orange wording should take you to the page related to nail clipping, however we are aware Page error 404 appears so we are working on it

spoilt dogs that get the run of the house that are molicoltted are the difficult dogs they become like brats and worse when the owners are around

this is when your skills are really tested some owners will be in amazement of how the dog behaves they know if you have experienced hands or your a beginner practice with many different breeds helps

Owners and handlers do pay attention to the dogs grooming needs and home training always pays off 

Please leave a comment about the article or any issues you have encountered with your dog we would love to help  

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