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De-Shedding the Furminator Review


The FURminator Pet shedding Tool


Not a fake it is the real deal does a great job


Recently I purchased this grooming tool as I was told it would cut down half the time without searching online I really wish I had of because the same tool cost me AUD 97.45 I was in shock to see it and find out it was exactly the same and from the same manufacturer.


Meeting The Canine Hairdresser


As an old school groomer we tend to use the tools we have grown a custom to and it’s not until we see an advert or discover in a pet shop new and advanced tools out their so I had to put it to the test

I started with an Alaskan Malamute that belongs to a friend he was well overdue for a good deshedding as the summer coat had shedded and he was ready to get ready for the winter coat I took this  Picture of Before Deshedding using the FURminator.

Before Grooming with the FURminator

Furminator for long coats Double coat breeds


Starting from the front to the back the fluffy trousers  the tool did the job it was like all the loose hair and undercoat was lifting out and by the handful now this is a healthy well looked after pet but the kids get a bit tired of brushing him all the time so Dad gave up and called me in to do the job.

The Furminator has a well given name it really does furminate and slows the shedding down as a new customer of the product I was impressed but the price I think for the pet shop was a high markup to support a local business I didn’t mind FURminator Grooming Tool for Large Dogs with Double Coats


After Photo  Deshedding the undercoat


For the online shopper 24.99 is so much better to pay and delivered to your door I usually always purchase online but this time was a bit of an emergency

I took some photos of Before and After so you could see for yourself as you can imagine there was hair everywhere luckily we groomed him in the backyard the FURminator deshedding tool created so much hair our furry friend was most happy with the out come.

The Furminator here is for the long coats and there’s the furminator for the short coat breeds

Short medium or long hair this one cost a bit more not sure why the handle is comfortable FURminator deshedding Tool is a dog’s best friend to shedding hair

I have had similar success with the Ninja Glove massaging the body for the glove to collect the hair personally the furminator got more hair out and shedding was less afterwards

customers want their pets to be cooler in the summer months so they turn to clipping I use the furminator and it gets rid of all the shedding hair no clipping needed

There are No fakes that I know of and from there website a New furminator product is available so the older one will work just as good as the newer model

Available for cats as well so Some cat grooming maybe on the cards too

The End Result

The picture below is the results from the deshedding of the husky the back yard was like snow but was all cleared before I could take pictures the dog seemed happier

After using the FURminator  the downside was picking up all the hair but it was the end result  the coat became lighter looked cleaner and didn’t seem to cut the hair just like raking the coat as you can see for yourself the results was well worth it  Your welcome to leave a comment below about your experience

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