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How to make Homemade Dog Shampoo


Homemade Dog Shampoo

Thinking of making your own dog Shampoo with a little bit of research and following some easy recipe tips and making it yourself is a great way to know that there’s no nasty chemicals but will all essential oils work and what about fleas, and what about the dead roll smells and wet doggy odors

If I was to give you recipes I would have had to copy it from somewhere so instead I have gathered up the most common ingredients for you to put together and try

Safe essential oils to add to the Shampoo

There are some essential oils that dogs can have a reaction to and can be unsafe like tea tree but here’s a list of well-known essential oils that can be added for a deodorizer, moisture to the coat and flea control

  1. Rosemary or if prefer freshly picked and boiled Mint leaves

Cedarwood, Eucalyptus for fleas Peppermint


Aloe Vera gel

Lemon Juice

Whatever the ingredients make sure your dog hasn’t got an allergy to the ingredients in some recipes Dish liquid is a no no a degreaser and oil stripper for dishes not recommended for hair it will strip it cleans and all the natural oils with it and cause dry itchy skin it also contains Sulfates TEA Triethanolmaine a carcinogenic chemical which make the bubbles and has a long term damaging health effect may cause retina damage skin irritations and cancer

Never use essential oils on broken skin or irritated skin or directly without diluting in water dogs PH is about 6.2 to 7.4 ours is around 5.5 – 5.6 so our Shampoo is to harsh so it is possible to give your dog Dry damaged hair and dandruff

Natural cleansers

Apple cider vinegar, Distilled Vinegar, white vinegar, are good for odors adding rosemary essential oils now you have a spray deodorizer

Grinned oatmeal baking soda and vinegar with water mixed for a shampoo added into the water for a soak would work well but it’s the bubbles we are so use to that just makes all the difference well that’s a myth adding any shampoo to the water is better than putting it on the dog a lathering it all over and rinsing off,

Vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide 3% is safe to use in the bath for your Dog 1 small cupful for a small dog kills bacteria and whitens the coat eventually but don’t let your dog drink the water taste yuk anyway. Followed by a tummy ache

Soaps like the old-fashioned Sunlight soap is mild or Castile soaps grated into a pot with water heated and add essential oils cooled and add Vinegar the keep time is 1-4 weeks keep it in the fridge make small amounts and not too much grated soap

bicarbonate soda ( baking Soda ) and cornflour is good for cleaning ears and used as a dry shampoo but it’s a lot of brushing for double coats it’s a bit messy but a good shake will get most of it out. So sprinkle on sparingly.

A Groomers Secret

Now here’s a groomers secret for the Border collies and alike breeds Natural Down to Earth Wool wash with Eucalyptus will brighten the coat and white-out all red dirt marks now to condition the coat coconut oil or Argan oil in the second rinse so it’s bathe rinse soak conditioned water, the coat shines is clean no fleas and the coat is soft when dry. also, no natural oils lost the waterproofing Guard hair can still do its job

As we all know warmer water makes the hair more frizzy so a Lukewarm bath is best followed by a slightly cooler rinse Dry your dog thoroughly and that dosnt mean go for a walk to dry off on a hot day.

Everyone always covers the back with Shampoo and works it in all over did you know that by using a small amount in the bath water or mixing in the shower head works better and the rinsing is easier Home made remedies are best used poured into the bath then add the dog if possible or use a spray bottle to even the mixture on the rinse off

Natural Products Done for you we recommend

You can’t go wrong with these Shampoos that are Natural free from harsh chemicals, the safest non toxic Dog Products

Sunflower canola oils vegetable oils are not a good choice to add to the dog bath the texture is thick and the results are not good.

Dogs with sensitive skins should always be double rinsed for a fragrance diluted essential oils freshly boiled mint leaves and even Thyme with a little white vinegar add peppermint Lavender Lemongrass to your choice.

Coat texture and Dryness adding a small amount of coconut oil to your hands and massaging into the coat brings good results instantly especially if the dog is well known to have the itch going on and you can’t see anything there

For the Allergic to Grass analogy and eczema Greek Natural Yogurt cools the skin and relieves the itching however it tastes good so to stop the licking a head brace is advised

Brown Staining on Paws 

To stop the brown stain on the paws or known as a Fungal infection or yeast infection after walking dilute surgical meths and rub in diluted peroxide dry feet thoroughly repeat after each walk condition will clear in 2-4 weeks or Amway L.O.C safe organic product Dogs with dermatitis or skin conditions this is safe to bath your dog in.

This is all we can offer for now happy Grooming please leave a comment about this article and share your home remedy experiences 

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