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Health and Hygiene for Groomers

Health and Hygiene important message for Dog Groomers

As we wake up in the morning head to the bathroom and come out all spruced up hair done makeup maybe, our presentation is scrupulous to meet up with our Dogs and owners.

Have breakfast feel good and off we go…. 

Throughout the day we have come in contact with chemicals loud noises barking dogs, some nice people and some toxic. We touch and handle dog feces bad breath, and touched many items.

Making you now feel sick right! wearing gloves for bathing to protect your hands from chemicals such as insecticides sulfates possibly our hands dry out and we can become susceptible to dermatitis scabies and stress related eczema. 

Washing your hands up to your elbows and face regularly throughout the day can help you to prevent yourself falling ill.

Zoonotic parasites which means can be passed from one species to another here are the most popular 12.

Fleas, Ear mites, Ticks, Coccidia, Trophozoite Giardia, Roundworms (Visceral Larvae Migrants) when humans have Roundworm. Whipworms Heartworm Tapeworm Scabies,Hookworm, some countries Rabies. and possibly Pin worms

Some of these parasites can be undetected but if any signs of behaviour or evidence is noticed it is your duty to inform the owner and take care of your own health 

Visit your local pharmacist regular why! Because working with dogs we are so susceptible to all these elements even if the Dogs are well cared for as we know dogs live closer to the ground they sniff it roll in it and you be surprised even the common dust mite can be on us or the dogs we groom.

To wash our grooming clothes in the regular wash can also contaminate other family members.

We can have no symptoms but a cold a cough irritation feeling lethargic headaches constipation diarrhea. now and again but its ok and shrug it off be cautioned and in tune with your own body any signs of not feeling good bad sleep patterns see your doctor and get tested. 

Dogs lick us no doubt and not all dogs will have parasites our Salons should be scrupulously clean to the point of smelling like a vet clinic our equipment should be sanitised after each use, the hydrobaths should be sanitised regularly the floors should be bleached and aired stainless steel should be sanitised with meths.

Our shoes we should actually leave at work and wear another pair home now this may sound a bit over the top but your health is everything and the dogs you come in contact with their health is just as important 

It’s your Duty to notice any signs of parasitic activity or lesions new bumps the owner may have forgotten to tell you, but a health check on every dog that comes in should be the responsibility of everyone in the Salon.

Our hair can carry its own type of mites the human ones known as nits now no one I know in the pet industry I have ever worked with has them but we all come in contact with them at sometime in our lives Clean hair is a must we get dead skin on our sweaty heads too. so poor dogs having to tolerate our smells their receptors are 40x stronger than ours.

Personal hygiene we know well but it’s our inner health that we need to take care of as well a worm dose every 3-6 months plenty of raw Onions Garlic not everyone’s favorite lemon lime and water polyphonics and good tummy bacteria inner health Plus you should be at the top of your game 

Our Skin Care

We can get dermatitis psoriasis eczema or scabies at anytime throughout our lives so keep a bottle of Iodine hydrogen peroxide 3% and fatty cream handy.  Natural no sugar yogurt is good for clearing all the above. if in doubt consult your Doctor and the same for our Clients never be shy to forward them onto the Vet 

After all our job is to make them look pretty and clean and to inform the owner of anything that is out of the norm.

Happy and healthy Grooming please leave your comments below.      

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