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Grooming and Dominant Dogs


As a dog owner learning about control and training of our new family arrival

can be rewarding and challenging

The Dominance factor can start at any age from 8 weeks to 18 months old even older dogs can try their luck with their handlers how do we deal with a well behaved puppy on the table at 14 weeks and 6 months later his a handful

It’s up to the owners to handle feet brush in between grooming sessions and brush teeth for maintenance but with the busy lifestyle of other family members and working the dog tends to get overlooked in most cases.

Some good Dog training  makes life easier on us all  YouTube Dog Training by Zak George or purchase his book Zak George training revolution



A lot of his videos are easy to follow and will work on any breed male dominance is common at any male age smaller dogs will try and boss the groomer around if you allow the behaviour to stand back and wait be patient and show assertiveness but not aggression the situation can change always remember to read the signs of the behaviour

Always inform the owner of any changes maybe they have noticed their dog has been a bit over the top by dominating other pets in the household,

There are the cases of dogs being well behaved for their Groomer and not so well behaved on their off days maybe after an illness or there’s something not right with the hair that day more knots in the coat some dogs don’t actually like you being to soft it can make them nervous, and some just love it

It all comes down to what the owner does with the training of their dog can make all the difference when it comes to grooming Unleashed potential Dog TV has some really good tips on getting a dogs attention

Treats clicker training buzzers may work well in training but on the table it’s a different story the whole grooming process is about trust and the dog knowing what you are doing without surprises, introducing the tools for grooming is not a biting game and your not there to wave the brush around and be bitten because you are trying to brush the coat

by turning the dog away from you making little eye contact is less threatening

rubbing under the chest or the itchy spots  all can build trust good behaviour of what you want to achieve should always be rewarded a muzzle is the last resort but if needed then use it.

Good Dog behaviour comes from the dog knowing what is acceptable and what’s not and for a small dog to try and dominate the grooming situation is a training in progress

Regular OCD visits not changing the system their use to can calm the dog but there are occasions that it is not possible to carry out exactly how you groomed them last time. maybe a bath due first due to a dirty bottom or the coat needs to be softened for clipping after drying.

A trained Dog is easier to live with a delight to take out and for grooming makes the whole job a lot easier to communicate

We hope you have enjoyed this short article your welcome to leave your comments below




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