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Hydro Bath Verses Bark Bath


Hydro Bath Verses the Bark Bath

For a decade now we have used methods of the bathing our dogs that seem to invite the wet dog smell which we are all familiar with then in the early 1980s a genius came up with the Hydrobath the conmurra hydrobaths which started in NSW

Australia I remember trying to explain to my father how to make a hydro bath and if he would help me build a machine that was mobile and could be towed by a car on a small trailer he didn’t seem to enthusiastic but I was so excited I had many drawn plans with no money to start and no support for the idea it was faded out as a dream and the more established financially in the know got their Hydrobath up and running they offered regular service, with new ideas to modify and to better the original models we can now enjoy the benefits.

The Hydro Bath has become a hit for franchises and Salons. They are not cheap to buy, some are better than others

Starting from 1300 AUD up to 5,000 AUD with regular cleaning and maintenance they should give a good life span of 20,000 bath hours or more,


Enclosed up right standing area for easy containment, a heating compartment a recycling pump, connects to power and a hose for water as the water is pumped through a recycling pump for fresh water a flick of a switch fresh water in the holding tank does the rinse, the pump can also redirect the waste water out, Extra accessories ramps steps shampoo and conditioners suited for the hydro bath and the brand. to purchase replacement parts available and servicing.

We can also use the pay system add a few coins and choose the function at local Dog Wash or car wash centres good for convenience blow drying is also a part of the system very handy for beach days.

Over the years I have used many brands and models but basically the results are the same and there’s no shortcuts. 


We don’t realise that as the water is recycling around to save water the build up of debris through the pipes need regular cleaning this requires another cost to descale the build up Washing machines are a good example, we think with all the shampoo and bubbles this would lower the the build up, 

Alopecia, Eczema, skin irritations from prolonged use hydro baths carry bacteria a thorough clean of the bath is not a common practice after each use being time consuming and not practical when a list of dogs need to be done in a day at the end of the day maybe they get a sanitised wash Mobile franchise owners probably do this regular but there has to be an easier less cross contamination way to wash dogs.

Water restrictions and common complaints

 I have had a few people complain about they use our water and power and charge a fortune well not all people understand business and running costs, some venders do have their own holding water tanks but not all the dogs smell great but we still have the problem of a soaking wet dog and towels galore to wash.

Solution The Bark Bath

As a Groomer it is difficult to provide an easy fast set up with all the tools and to not leave a trail of flying hair everywhere 

The Bark Bath provides a non dripping dog solution using a microfibre towel a slightly damp coat which is easier to dry off 

The machine uses 4 litres of water and is fresh scent from the shampoo a dirty water tank which is light to empty and fresh water for the rinse dirty water is not recycled to repeat a shampoo wash or rinse it takes less than 5 minutes for a small dog and 10 minutes for a large dog the longer the coat the better the wash so pre clipping sometimes is not necessary 

To set up no hoses to pull out no long extension cords no water waste streaming down the gutter from the front of your house the light weight machine can be set up anywhere. low cost 3 phase power cord can be plugged in anywhere in the home.

However when ordering the machine it will come with an American plug so an international plug is necessary customers who purchase from Australia from the Canine Hairdresser DOG GROOMING website, can purchase the multi plug adapter or have the electric cord converted with a small fee. 

The Bark Bath will fit into a 16 litre container for storage and mobility. I always ask a series of questions before using the Bark Bath although it is low noise some animals are sensitive to vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. we want the best results so never assume that the Bark Bath will suit all dogs in the beginning some training will need to be done.

 Bathing made easy

It’s a different kind of bath keeping the water warm or just above room temperature its a release of water and suction at the same time very much like the wet vac effect the succion isn’t as strong as a vacuum cleaner the debri from the coat it is amazing how much comes out. no more stand up in the tub, drowned by shaking wet coats and dozens of towels they don’t tend to want to slide all over the furniture,the carpet and race around like they have never had freedom. 

 Can we use this on all dogs

Bath time can always be a hindrance from hiding to time consuming setting up, The Bark Bath is as easy as fill up a Jug of warm water add shampoo plug it in. 

Salons take all the mess away and life is easier according to the cost for the Salons the Groomers are in contact with chemicals and smells I would rather avoid, the convenience in today’s busy lifestyle. 

Dogs are creatures of habit we have the hose chasers the fearful of noise unruly bath time antics which can all be solved by the Bark Bath I have dogs that hate the bath but like the Bark Bath Single haired dogs some say its dosnt work well I have learnt that a wet brush first then use the Bark Bath better results. new Ideas are sometimes hard to introduce customer curiosity usually gets the sale and the outcome is with a warm welcome to come back.

Clipping time cut by half

Most of the time it’s the waiting for the drying process by cutting this time down a visit to your home can be less than 2 hours from bath to clipping and pack up. The set up and clean up is not time consuming and you can purchase one and use it yourself if desired. As a mobile Groomer the set up was less than 1000 AUD no road licencing big trailers heavy vehicles and with a suitcase full of everything that a salon has a fold out table and ready to go.

We have some big news to announce in the near future we may franchise the Canine Hairdresser Mobile Grooming service

But for now we shall keep building a valuable low cost service.

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