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Dog Grooming the early days

Hello my Name is Angelique Acres this is my Story

Grooming has always been my passion from my first dog Jamie who had a very unusual coat it was woolly like a poodle and wire like a terrier his coloring was brown and Grey as a young dog he looked older due to his Grey hair that was scattered throughout his coat he was medium size and lightly built in proportion.

Jamie had a less hair on his legs but his back had a flare of fluff I had no idea what breed he was with further research

I am guessing Poodle Schnauzer his face was like the miniature schnauzer his body was like a poodle and his coat was a mixture of both breeds quite handsome he was but very smelly being an entire male in the 80s to neuter him was a lot of money but he didn’t seem to roam to far or do his business on our yard at the age of 12 I didn’t see it as a problem

We went everywhere together to school the shop no lead he just followed or walked beside me until one day my teacher asked me where done that scruffy  unloved looking dog come from I replied “his my friend”

Go home Jamie and he would wander off and meet me at the same street on the way home every day. I realized maybe he needed a haircut, because I did love him so I started reading books tons of books about dog grooming dog breeds dog shows.

My teacher invited me to go to Dog obedience classes everything I saw his Cocker spaniel do Jamie got a lesson in the backyard jumps, sit, stay, heel, come, he was really good and off lead too he didn’t go to obedience school dogs in our household was not a big priority but Jamie was too me my best friend


I earn money from the stables grooming race horses and riding mostly from going to the races on the weekends

Jamie got new brushes combs leads and the scissors well I couldn’t find them in the pet shop so Mums sewing scissors and paper scissors was all I could find and so he got his first haircut,

I copied from books his hair cut wasn’t the best but with a fluffy coat it is easy to cover the mistakes I learnt to cut with the curl, legs straight and paws always flat on the ground his nails where always short from all the walking

his ears got cleaned out and I brushed his teeth with a baby toothbrush he didn’t mind the toothpaste either and Id rinse his mouth out with the hose he thought it was a great game.

Volunteer work

Years later Jamie had passed away I never did get to go to the Vets I was told Jamie got a new home in a small town to far away for me to walk and I just had to accept it we didn’t have the money for the vet bill I still miss him to this very day

I become the owner of a German Shepherd he was a pedigree and I went to all the Dog Shows I was fascinated by the other breeds and how they were so well groomed and very smart looking I soon made friends and listened and learn from the breeders of the dogs that attended the shows.

I kept reading books about clippers scissor work, bathing your dog, Pet shops I would read all the labels on the  dog shampoo bottles I bought pin brushes chamois leather dog soaps combs I had a very large grooming collection.


The local RSPCA needed a vet nurse assistant so I helped out in theater Groomed the cats bathed the dogs made them look respectable for their new homes and this is where I learnt how to use clippers for surgery hygiene clips and some basic trimming skills.

Volunteering at a rehoming centre can be very educational a Samoyed came in, she was yellow full of mats it took me 9 hours over 2 days she looked amazing I wish I had the photo but she got a beautiful home and they looked after her until the end of her days

Grooming as a business

Be you own boss courses where the theme at the time so I attended as many courses to do with business as I could

I read the books Think and Grow Rich the Cashflow quadrant and tried MLM businesses I learnt other skills to find work and took on many jobs I never felt happy I tried to be passionate.

I learnt good work ethics but I didn’t have the staying power I lost interest money just couldn’t motivate me I started my own little business The K9 Grooming service, in New Zealand

Dog Grooming wasn’t a popular employment option so I earn pocket money a couple of hundred a week and repeated service every 3-4 months it is not a hot country and so dogs need their hair to keep warm and I taught new dog owners how to groom their dogs but I wasn’t making enough to live on so other employment options took priority

Understand Your Dream

There’s one thing I learnt never give up trying never stop dreaming about what lights that little light inside I wanted a Dog Shop with an information centre a vet, dog groomers and to sell everything you could imagine to do with dogs.

My dream would cost 150,000 to start from stock to staff and all the frills So I promised myself I am going to Australia to open up the biggest Dog shop in the southern hemisphere.

Well I did get to work with Guard dogs start a Pet minding income on the holidays and my 100,000 dollar business just wasn’t turning into a reality 1 in 3 businesses fold every 3 years it used to be 1 in 5 years

Grooming salons wouldn’t hire me WHY no qualifications but I never gave up I did a training course and got qualified.

I also learnt that people were opening stores online selling other people’s products so I got learning SEO landing pages advertising email marketing simple data entry content writing Facebook pages and adverts and now,

I am designing and making a website for the world to see and enjoy I finally have my Dog shop.

I did more Grooming courses and now work for myself Grooming Dogs the owners are like friends I go and visit and their dogs look forward to all the attention it is a good income.

I am not stressed out and I love what I do. that’s the difference when you have to work for the money or you labor for Love the money follows effortlessly.

Helping Others to Achieve

Whether you want to become a professional groomer run your own grooming salon or learn how to groom your own dog never give up

I created this website with the purpose to create more interest in the industry and how important it is to keep up with the health and maintenance of our loyal companions and it dosnt have to cost a fortune

Grooming your dog is bonding and forming trust, You can learn choose your breed wisely if you don’t want to clip your dog get a short coat learning to groom your own dog is so much more fun and rewarding and can save you money.

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A passionate Dog person with a background in Animal Care, Vet nursing, Security Dog Handling, Boarding Kennels RSPCA Volunteering, Dog training Pet sitting Dog Grooming teaching people how to groom their own dogs and now creating a website dedicated to Dog Grooming


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