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Where to start ? Dog Grooming to get the experience to work in the Pet grooming Industry



Where to start ? To get the experience to work in the Pet Grooming Industry

When we drop our little pal off to the groomers it may seem very straight forward and our pal is all beautiful and ready to go home behind the scene is very different here’s a peek preview

Every dog grooming salon has a system from cages to straight to the bath all is in order to get through the busy day.

From the bath to the drying table and ready to start grooming.

Face ears under the paws hygiene clip take a break,

Several dogs may get this done first the next stage is body clip and scissor tidy up face paws nails & tails done, sounds easy but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scene and skill there is a technique for every dog that gets groomed

The beginning of the Day is the diary then the order time and whos doing the chores from the cleaning to the closing of the shop.

Grooming courses

Teach you the skills Anatomy coat types conditions skin disorders disease control cosmetics shampoo and conditioners flea washes. bathing blow drying tools of the trade maintenance, scissors

“Did you know there is even a special way to hold your scissors”  you will learn handling, restraints, hygiene, Dog grooming clothing to wear,for your comfort,

Dog behaviour customer service how to start your own business and there’s stuff I have left out so there’s a lot to learn and of course the most important part is the “Canine Grooming Qualification” this is what will get you in the door of a pet shop grooming salon or Animal husbandry job

In some countries a Grooming Certificate is not required, in Australia its important ! Why because it holds value with a “Canine Grooming Certificate” to say you did the course you are trained and know what you are doing. even if you have had tons of experience.

I wouldn’t suggest you buy some grooming equipment put an advert on social media and your good to go.

This can be a dangerous practice even the best groomers have had little accidents cuts shaver rash nails cut too short wrong handling can cause aggression, nervous tension, anxiety, behaviour problems and then even the most experienced groomer can have difficulty to get the job done.

Backyard Groomers

Have had no training and only groomed their own dog and did a pretty good job may I suggest that you do some training first.

Practice, practice, practice, like any skill you need to be hands on to get the experience.

After & Before Photo


Dog Showing is a good place to start

learning from the breeders that have studied their breeds and know them well, vet nursing kennel management are all good foundations to start building confidence and learning basic skills to dog grooming.

I suggest with any breed study it first, a dog’s character, size, coat type, all take a part in grooming.

As a career 

I always kept it at a hobby level why because I never lose the passion to learn and I groom dogs to de stress and to relax not everyone wants to do this, and are more proactive and take it on as a full time job or teach in a busy grooming salon

it’s not a huge money earner but it can be if you focus practice and get really good and master the skills and what I mean by that is the outgoings can be very expensive so numbers in grooms count.and you need to be organised and routine proficient. 

There are plenty of dogs to be groomed and not every dog will go to a salon I started servicing low income earners and taught them how to groom their own dogs that’s a niche, and a very rewarding one there’s other ways to volunteer work at a kennel or RSPCA the rescues need grooming and  when released to new homes there is potential to keep grooming these dogs.

Groomers are not all equal

Hydrobath trailers are bath dry hygiene clip experienced and taught basics.grooming small dogs mostly 

The busy expensive salons in Hollywood New York downtown London these groomers are top notch who have spent a lot of money on their Dog Grooming Education. they do the creative color Show standard and have a boss attitude to go with it they know they are the best 

The smaller residential salon tidy clips standard cuts and most of the dogs look the same when they leave are usually very busy and seem to fill up fast in bookings

The creative groomer of bows colours and fancy clips like the competitions as well as their normal salon job.  

The rustics can groom a dog in any situation the floor the barbeque table and without all the fancy tools and the job gets done but with the right tools for the job that it is always well worth it being prepared.

There are skills and special techniques that a salon groomer would say can’t be done and they go off to the Dog show and win Best Coat Best in Show and that’s what I have done.

learn your coat types the dogs body shape texture density wave curl factor where to cut where not to what tool will do the best job and have an understanding of an architect design for the finish.

With many breeds German Shepherds Australian silky Golden Retrievers Cocker Spaniels Border Collies Schnauzers Toy Poodles West Highland white German water spaniels Maltese Shitzu and a few other breeds

They all have different conformation and angles to shape to we don’t want the schnauzer to look like the poodle for the show ring 

The Australian Moodles, Spoodles, cavoodles, labradoodle, Schnoodles I am still learning they are the most interesting cross breeds.

The styles techniques are always being updated so you need to be in the know of what’s going on around the world Taiwan Vietnam China the clipping is really artistic when it come to designing a super box head or Teddy bear face


volunteering at a shelter, working in Boarding kennels, Friends and Neighbors, read lots of books attend dog shows, watch videos if your passionate about dog grooming the subject is very broad 

I created and wrote all the posts for this website because Google has a lot of Question sites and a lot of the Dog sites where very vague so I really hope that you get a lot of good tips and information from this website.  

So there you have it in a nutshell Training in the career of dog Grooming is important so where to go to get such training we have an article

The Best Dog Grooming Courses online there maybe a training school closer to you.

Please leave a comment or you have a question we will be happy to help  


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A passionate Dog person with a background in Animal Care, Vet nursing, Security Dog Handling, Boarding Kennels RSPCA Volunteering, Dog training Pet sitting Dog Grooming teaching people how to groom their own dogs and now creating a website dedicated to Dog Grooming


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