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Where Do I get the experience to groom dogs


Bichon Frise salon Grooming

Gain Experience it’s a slow process

Where do you get the experience to Groom Dogs and how to get a job in the industry

First may I suggest going to visit a local Dog Grooming salon introduce yourself

Hi I am ………. and I am interested in Dog Grooming as a career do you mind if I stay for an hour or 2 to see if its right for me, they will ask you a few questions answer them honestly ūüôā¬† Grooming your own dog doesn’t make you a dog groomer

Another way is to visit the local pet shelter if you have a dog or want to learn adoption shelters are a good place to give some love and attention and to offer bathing brushing and learning a few tips about grooming different breeds some shelters have groomers.

Small independent groomers may take you along to home visits to give you an idea but they won’t want to teach you much not to a certificate level your qualification must be Nationally accredited

Dog Grooming Courses

Another way is to jump in the deep end and do a course there are courses online from 800-1500 $ this will give you the insight to Anatomy handling restraining basic skills to grow on however online is not hands on if your doing a course and volunteering or helping at a salon this will advance your skills

There are hands on courses they cost more and have exams from experienced and professional groomers  by having a certificate a salon is more likely to hire you or offer you training experience.

Pet Grooming Clothing

It’s not all happy days, Dog Grooming is labor intense be prepared to get covered in hair may I suggest before entering into the field if your serious purchase Top Performance Grooming Smocks¬† A grooming smock¬† will keep your¬† clothes clean, the material is non static to keep you feeling¬† cool comfortable and stylish.

 Also Available in Black Small Medium Large


Bathing the Dogs

Most grooming salons will have a hydro bath they are easy to use water efficient you will be shown how to use it Wash tubs with shower units and fresh running water is better and less bacteria build up cross contamination can happen from bathing multiple dogs hygiene cleaning practices should be implemented

Learn How to bath and Groom your own Dog

The advantages of Grooming your own dog can save you a lot of money starting from a puppy is easier at Christmas time especially New additions to the family adoption of a rescue dog or a pet shop puppy the excitement and adjustment is fun but this is when new habits are taught and unfortunately some become a lot of work and then the love and attention stops

We all get busy back to work school and grooming becomes a chore

Well Yes it is !

If you want a cute fluffy puppy remember this new cute fluffy is going to need maintenance to stay looking cute and fluffy and this is your responsibility.

Private Tuition Learn from Home at your Pace

The Canine Hairdresser will come to you and teach you what you need how to use your grooming equipment and how to groom your dog in the comfort of your own home within 3 lessons you will have all the skills you receive 9 hours in total  one on one training

Only in Brisbane Australia. and New Zealand email  for  full training details  this is not a Qualification or Certificate training it is only to teach you about your  Own dog and what you need to know about clipping and Hair Care.

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A passionate Dog person with a background in Animal Care, Vet nursing, Security Dog Handling, Boarding Kennels RSPCA Volunteering, Dog training Pet sitting Dog Grooming teaching people how to groom their own dogs and now creating a website dedicated to Dog Grooming


  1. Melissa

    Hi there, interesting. However when I went to follow your hyperlinks, there weren’t any there.  I’m interested to know more about hydro baths and dog grooming and was hoping to click on your links. You sound like you have lots of experience with dog grooming! It’s awesome that you can go out to people’s houses and teach them how to groom their dogs. Well done to you. 

    • admin

      Thank you for the feed back the ( hyper links go here ) in the article when finished hyperlinks for online courses will be entered in and affiliate links added later on to hydro bath sales Grooming courses and bookings to learn how to groom your dog at home thank you also I am having a little trouble adding pictures to where I want them to go they are my own and not off the net I have Groomed these dogs myself 

  2. Monika

    This is an amazing concept of going to peoples homes, where the animals are comfortable, and teaching the owners how to groom their own animals and using the correct tools to do so. I wish that there was someone in Canada that did this.

    I struggle to get my golden retriever into the tub for a bath, any suggestions? Also what do you suggest is the best soap to use on the dogs. I have one with nice smooth normal fur and the other has wiry course feeling fur. He even lost his under down last winter and I am not sure what would be causing that. So far I have added a fish oil supplement to his diet and so far it seems to be starting to help. But with winter on its way I hope that he soon will regrow more down as I worry that he will be cold once winter really hits in the new year.



  3. Cathy Cavarzan

    Wonderful article on dog grooming. I did not know you could take courses online,it is amazing what the internet provides to people now. I learned dog grooming by going and volunteering at shelters. They are always looking for help and as an added bonus your not just learning  a trade or providing love to the dogs,

    • admin

      Thank you Cathy I learnt at shelters too this may get more help in the shelters its a good way to connect and rehabilitate the dogs and the people 

  4. Sam Frederiksen

    We used to own 2 dogs that needed grooming, they actually looked a lot like the dog in the picture you had in the previous post. We used to get people to come out and groom them, was a little expensive though so at times the dogs were probably not kept as good as they could have been. $50 to $60 dollars for each dog was getting a little expensive, especially since their fur grew really fast. Will say they looked a million dollars when they were done.  Will suggest you put a couple more pictures on your post, as I fell in love with the picture in your previous post:)

  5. Bushra

    I think YouTube is an awesome place to learn dog grooming, there are so many videos there on this topic. There are dog forums out there where you can get information about this. There are many dog grooming courses available online although online courses are expensive but if you have passion you can improve your career or start your own business after completing these courses. As you suggest going to visit a local dog grooming salon is a brilliant idea to get experience. Great article, thanks for sharing.

  6. Carmeta1

    The article is interesting. People want jobs everyday and I think that this is a new job to seek after. Thank you for sharing!

  7. joycesbeira


    I really like your article. Very informative. I liked reading it especially that i love dogs. I have two dogs. Pet grooming is really important. I learned a lot from your article.
    Thanks again!


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