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How to Groom a rescue dog bath & clipping a rescue dog

    How to Groom a Rescue Dog bathing and clipping a rescue dog

Warning content may offend sensitive audience

So let’s start with a scenario you found a stray dog and you rescued a dirty dog that needs a bath worse case How to groom a rescue dog that needs a bath and clipping, there’s a few options to approach

Is the dog approachable and friendly

was the dog co operative to the suggestion of food

Did the dog follow you home

Did the dog just arrive in your yard

Did the dog come home with your dog

If yes too all of the above the dog has had human contact and isn’t to worried about you his probably run away from a storm and lost his way home. or his got out of the gate to visit the neighboring dogs

I would think that this dog has a home but let’s say his been at your house now for a couple of days and ohhhh wow his a bit ripe “shall I bath him”

I chose this item as it has a user friendly and pet friendly approach to bathing less water and stress The Bissel Portable Dog bath and Grooming System

If the answer was No to all of the above you may need to call in the Dog Control or Animal Shelter  as they will contain the dog and no one will get hurt they will use humane techniques which they have been trained to deal with in such cases be safe not sorry.

How old is this dog ? and what is he most afraid of ?

Fear in dogs can lead to being bitten be cautious if you have your dog there they may be more accepting to a bath I wouldn’t rush the dog into the bathroom close the door and try wrestling him into the bath, safety first as most dog people understand body language of dogs and have ideas of how to get the job done the waterpik pet shower wand  notice when we get the dog thoroughly wet on their backs they want to shake start on the shoulders and brushing the legs then uses a wet brush to cover the back they still will want to shake but not as much

The safe approach is number 1 use a muzzle   if in doubt these come in sizes small 1 to 5 xl for grooming I found these to be the most effective and only to be used in extreme cases and never leave on the dog unattended or use as a stop barking device use a damp cloth first and be gentle but cautious sometimes with long coat dogs we cannot possibly bath first you may have to use scissors and clippers If you attempt to clip them do so like you would your dog the coat may peel back like a sheep’s wool blanket be prepared for fleas wear gloves and protective clothing if you have flea powder   spread this around the grooming area, and clean your tools well Grooming Antiseptic spray Antiseptic antifungal bacterial spray

Dirty dogs with debri in the hair can blunten our blades so put them aside after use for re sharpening it can also cause teeth damage so be prepared to lose a blade.

Always starting from the neck first and do the topline first  the legs are the hardest for dogs that tuck the legs under their bodies use a cradle restraint     Works well for dogs up to 80 LB easy to use and detachable. Aggression with a dog never works out well so show no fear and who is alpha by firm but gentle handling don’t lose it !

if you feel like Ahhhhhh stop take a break start again not everyone is patient and just trying to help Dogs dont think human so don’t be surprised for a growl or a snap if you pinch the coat or alarm the dog in some way,

Just try and be natural don’t make sudden moves or try to be too cautious in movement dogs don’t like sneaky or unjust behaviour be natural calm and always be natural talk to them watch the eyes for weariness body language will say I am ok with this or I am scared shaking tail between the legs I am terrified once that lip comes up be aware, some give no warning   back off thats why Always use a muzzle if you think its not going to be easy and friendly.

Can I Use Human Hair Clippers

The human hair clippers will work but heat up very fast feel the blade if its warm on your hand its hot on their bodies that’s the difference in Pet clippers

Human hair clippers  the blades get  very hot and blunt very quickly so if your thinking of using Dads clippers on this dog it’s going to be a long day stopping & starting

Never point scissors with the sharp point inwards always out and away from the body

In a  rescue shelter they have Hydro Baths or known as pet tubs there are the plastic variety and they are sold in Brisbane Australia I will try and get a picture and some details

For USA I did find this beautiful metal dog wash bath would last for years and easy to keep hygienically clean attachments shower faucets and lead holders will be seperate

Volunteering in shelters or a vet clinic at the RSPCA you will learn all the skills to never get bitten and how to keep yourself from harm  want to learn more become a volunteer at your local pet shelter

Rescue dogs can be the most timid or the most boosterious but they are always grateful

So there it is I have included some links in here for Portable bathing Muzzles and Antiseptic spray  and bathing restraints.

If you would like to leave a comment we appreciate your feedback on this Article.

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A passionate Dog person with a background in Animal Care, Vet nursing, Security Dog Handling, Boarding Kennels RSPCA Volunteering, Dog training Pet sitting Dog Grooming teaching people how to groom their own dogs and now creating a website dedicated to Dog Grooming


  1. Stefan

    Interesting information. My wife is one that brings home dogs from the street.

    All of our dogs are rescue dogs but luckily they were all harmless so far. We live in Thailand and here if people don’t want the puppy dogs they just leave them somewhere far from home.

    We learned to inject vaccines we get for free from the government and we take care that they have enough food. We don’t have the dogs in the house, they are free but stay and watch the house.

    • admin

      Different cultures have different rules Turkey is much the same in western countries Dogs are like family and view stray dogs as a health threat they are impounded some are rehomed and some go to universities for Veterinary studies and some get put down. its nice to hear a different countries views thank you for sharing 

  2. Anita

    Rescue dog grooming is one skill that I would like to learn, am used to taking the dog to the groomers though it is costly. I wish I can learn how to do it at home. I read somewhere that is is wrong to use human shampoo to clean the dog, that you should use dog shampoo, what is the difference? Is it okay to use cold water on the dog or should one use Luke warm water? 

    • admin

      Dog Shampoo has essential oils and no soapy chemicals, Human Shampoo drys out the hair and has silicone in it so we get silicone build up thats why some hair colors wont take to our hair. and the hair dresser prefers us to us their shampoos Human shampoo from the supermarket is like dishwashing liquid same thing with perfume   We don’t need oil for weather protection but we need to open the hair follicles to release the dirt Dog Hair is less static and more oil in the hair follicle which makes the hair water proof  it also can contain lanolin whitening Dog shampoo may have Hydrogen peroxide.  pesticides for mites in Dog Shampoos for flea control 

  3. pmbaluka2016

    I wouldn’t try to bath a strange dog, not even bathing but even handling. When I was a little boy I was rescued from a mad dog and since then am.not a good friend to dogs. 

    I like the suggestions you  have given here but am wondering what would be your advice if the strange dog is violent to everyone including to my own dog and he’s ready to fight.

    Sometimes it can get fierce to a point of injuries and I wonder if I can fight back with a stick to protect myself and my dog. That time it’s even hard to call the dog attendants.

    • admin

      As I have written in the Post aggression towards a dog is never a good idea you take a stick to that dog and he will bite you Use an Umbrella to protect yourself dog cant see you your no threat sounds like this dog has fighting issues his hungry and his angry for a reason maybe was used as a fighting dog i dont know but there is always a reason 

  4. AV 2001

    Hey Angelique! Firstly, I want to tell you that your niche is very unique as I never came across a dog grooming website before. It seems to me that you’ve had great experience with dogs before and have put everything into the content.

    I really enjoyed reading but I had problem in reading the content because of the font color (it’s light and not visible). If you fix this, it’ll be a lot better. Thanks a lot for sharing such useful information and I hope you do so in the coming years. Cheers!


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