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Dog Grooming basic Tools

Welcome to the Dog Grooming Blog

The discussion of dog grooming is there a right or wrong way to groom your Dog sometimes it’s not easy of where to start.

First and foremost a clean dry dog is best to start, first we need to determine what type of coat your dog has there are 4 main types Single coat, short hair Double coat, has a fine underlay and guard hair on top Wire hair course Drop coat, that is fine hair but keeps growing.

Shampoo and conditioners suited for each coat type we have the products to order that best suits your dogs coat

Flea treatment shampoo, Sensitive skin white coats and Conditioners are important to maintain optimum coat oil balance  Human shampoo and conditioners will dry out the natural oils,  choose a Shampoo and conditioner that suits your dogs coat, and skin condition.

What Breeds get clipped

Most breeds that are in the Working Class or non Sporting category usually don’t need clipping these are usually the double coated dogs the coat needs to be stripped from the dense undercoat the guard hair is for weather protection some owners do prefer clipping but for the regrowth of the coat becomes dense and sheds into mats closer to the body. Grooming Tools  from shedding Combs will help loosen the coat by clipping the double coat causes the coat to mat together then clipping is of the only option the guard hair is usually not as apparent

about scissor work  we need a good set that are comfortable and sharp,  there are sets, or individual scissors  which are the Top of the range and the best  quality and very expensive to start off with the kit you will receive thinning straights and curved as a thumb rule the bigger the dog the longer the scissors smaller Dogs can be poked easily with long scissors and starting out you want to be comfortable so we recommend these Grooming Scissors are a must have the pretty colours don’t mean much their just pretty that’s all

Going to the Groomers seems the easier option before salons became popular most dog owners had to learn themselves. and there were no courses usually the owner learnt from the breeder for breed standard. which was set by the KCA kennel club associations. There are professional courses which can cost

The Average Dog Grooming course can cost between 700 AUD to 5,000 AUD there is a page dedicated to The Best Grooming Schools online that we could find view the Article The best online Grooming courses

Experience and practice is the key. To groom your own dog it is best to learn about the breed of dog you have and follow the breeders advise we are all not patient or have the time to learn the skills so Grooming Salons make life a little easier they may charge from 15.00 Mini dog to 75-100 for larger breeds

Clipping from 25.00 – 95.00 packages are available at some salons and they may offer Anal Gland cleanse as well. from 10.00- 20.00

This site will offer you the Grooming tools you can use for collecting your tools or adding to your own Grooming kit collection portable bathing 

So to put it all together 

  • What type of breed do you have and what hair type is your Dog
  • Purchase the right Shampoo and Conditioner for your dog
  • Grooming Tools to start with     

We hope you have learnt something from this article please tour our page to read more and learn about Dog Grooming as a career or a Hobby enjoy 



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