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Wahl Products Brush sets scissors combs & shedding tools

Wahl Clippers

KM2 Clippers 2 speed

Dedicated to Wahl Products
  1. Wahl shampoo
  2. Dog Brush Sets
  3. Scissors/Shears
  4. Combs and shedding tools
  5. Wahl KM2 KM10 clippers
  • purchasing the right tools

Dedicated to Wahl products

To start with the question first I need to bathe my Dog, Avoid strong scented shampoo & soap free low allergenic Wahl Oatmeal shampoo

  • Coconut and Lime verbena
  • For dry, itching, irritated skin
  • Plant derived
  • Wahl Shampoo is PEG-80 Free

Wahl oatmeal Shampoo   having a brand name you would think it would be expensive  a nice fragrance not to strong leaving the hair feeling natural and soft Wahl oatmeal shampoo  also available in 1 litre  in previous articles you may have noticed we have suggested some products so we added some more for a wider selection

This is from the Wahl range so this page is dedicated to Wahl products the Wahl brand is becoming more popular as the grooming industry continues to grow.

Wahl Clippers & Blades

They are long-lasting reliable and easy to replace the cordless Wahl clipper is lightweight has a lot of great features but unfortunately not available internationally  Wahl Clippers  the nicest features about this clipper is that it is adjustable and has a 5 in 1 blade

The KM2 or KM10 clipper is not cordless and all blades are bought separately blades and parts are Available from the Shaver Shop in Qld Australia.

The most commonly used blade is the 7, 7# ,10 # ,30 #, 5 #, the blades with the F 7F # are for coarse hair fine easy knotted coat the Wahl blade works the smaller the number the longer the clip length eg: A 10 # will be a close shave the 30 # will be used For under paws bellies it’s as close to a surgical clipto explain

So a 7 or 7F # will be at least an inch long so it gives good coverage of hair so the skin isn’t exposed which you should never clip to baldness imagine the hair growing back and how itchy it would be also there is no protection against weather conditions

Dog brush sets

Bathing once a week or 2 x a month but then they do have their days of just being dogs brushing is important short hair or long hair

Brushes for short hair, combs  Deluxe Dog Brush Set  I always think that purchasing more than 1 brush is a better deal for under 20.00 to start with unless you need something specific 

Grooming at lest daily a quick brush or comb Pet bath groom kit for large dogs  the packs are better the quality is just the same and saving you money  grooming is bonding and helps when the main grooming day is in the routine

If you want your dog to behave well at Bath time Clipping or brushing regular contact is recommended for the smaller breeds Grooming Kits The 8 piece home Grooming set

On our Video of the week we will add in 2019 to show you techniques you can use if you would like to see the videos again or have a request you can contact us by email at


Scissors are a personal fit the scissor ring size and the length is important chose scissors that fit your hands in size scissor rings are available we don’t want long machete scissors if you have small Dante hands  Set of 5

Grooming Shears there are different colors and styles for learning the  Scissor kit has rounded points

so these I would recommend for the beginner stainless steel and they have a good swivel connection I have bought some from China off ebay sometimes there good but I have had trouble in the competition or salon where my scissors fell apart and that means that they are cheap and not well made

For high quality scissors 1 pair can cost 120-250  these a pro life long and need little attention Scorpion Grooming Shears this style would be for the groomer who has 5-10 dogs a day they stay sharp longer and are balanced to cut perfectly with every groom. stocks limited more may arrive in the New Year.


A good comb I recommend is the steel combs the teeth don’t fall out they are long-lasting and come in different sizes for smaller breeds the large combs work just as well, the closer the teeth on the comb the finer the hair

Here as some of our examples   Some scissor kits have a comb included, for the best deshedding tools  money can buy Shedding tools  vary from size but all do the same strip the under coat use a comb for long coats and a smaller tooth comb for shorter hair single coat here is one to demonstrate what they look like and the price from 10.99.

Dematting Deshedding Detangler there are the cat and Dog shedding tools in different sizes

 Wahl KM2 KM10 clippers

Km2 Wahl KM10 Wahl clippers & blades are very popular, easy to use and replacement blades and combs are easy to order online or offline the Oster being an older model blades may not be as easy to find Saltwater Dog Clippers an Australian brand sell from their website

They sell the blades for their clippers on their website

The cheaper brands in local pet stores I find to be very blunt lack power and blades not replaceable here are our recommendations for trimming before doing the main body clip

For smaller dogs I use a trimming clipper rather than the bulky clipper with a 10 blade faster with easy to  maneuver around short legs hygiene areas are not cut back to short but to trim and keep clean Pet Touch up Clippers.

Great for paw and ear trims and for trimming around your pets eyes. Battery operated trimmer with a six position acculock attachment comb and 3 individual length combs they will last longer

If kept clean and only used for trimming faces ears paws

For the 5 in 1 clipper  try and use them with the comb fitting for an even longer body clip, they are in a set of 8 combs and a storage container 

first make sure your dogs hair is clean and free from debri check that they are sharp and always keep your blades well oiled and stored away from moisture

The reviews were very good read all the instructions and always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Pet Grooming Clippers



Purchasing the right tools

I have given some example products as these products are very popular and recommended the reviews on each product has drawn me to the conclusion that these products are good to start off with and will last a long time.



I will be doing a separate article for the professional groomers and Salons for purchasing bulk supplies there will be some products that will go out of order we will update the products as they become available

Please leave us your comments all feedback is appreciated.

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