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Thinking of starting your own Dog Grooming Business

Starting your own Dog Grooming Business

In a recent article I covered Wahl  Products in this update I am focusing on the professional groomer who has had a lot of experience has a Qualification and is looking at starting a business from home or at a commercial premises

Location they say is everything in real estate in the pet industry where there are people and pets they will come building the clientele is the first challenge working for an established Salon the rotation of regular clients have been established over a period of time advertising and Groomers reputations.

Starting out you may be fortunate for a few clients to go with you because they like you but it’s not always the case there are employment contracts that are signed to protect businesses from this happening. Tips on where to start building a client base.

  • Free Trader/Graigslist 

  • Gumtree Free Advertisements
  • Vehicle Advertising
  • Market Stands 
  • Sponsored local business magazines 

  • Flyers and Business cards
  • Websites
  • Home Service Apps 

  • Word of mouth
  • Signage street posters 
  • Social Media/Instagram/Twitter/FaceBook Pages.

     Leasing Property or going Mobile

After the purchase of lease insurance council approval water usage power connection shop decor purchase the Dog Grooming calendar software this will keep a record of your appointments clients point of sale  staff system has a variety to choose from and an appointment Diary 

Now for the exciting stuff the Grooming Equipment bulk purchasing and how to get the best deals 

Business stock and set up the most expensive outlay will be the Wash tubs Bulk shampoo and conditioners dryers cages so let’s have a look at some wash tubs now these are suggestions you may already have suppliers in mind but to give you an idea of what’s out there.  specialising in hydrobaths caution  purchase a good antifungal cleaner hydrobaths can cause contamination and skin problems or make skin problems worse a shower tub with free rinsing and drainage is more hygienic for you and the dogs website has everything in colours and sizes.

The most hygienic way is to use something like  this product  a good page to look up Stainless steel tubs not all tubs come with loops and shower accessories  ramps hoses and faceuts.

There is the Portable dog wash option see article How to bathe a rescue Dog this maybe only practical if the dog is use to a vacuum sound 

Grooming Tables  

Most grooming tables don’t come with sides so the dog can start shaking or wanting to lie down the reason is fear of heights for these dogs I use a change table so they think there sitting in a basket coloured placemats so they don’t slip cured most of my timid dogs there is the fact that they want to jump off so with a restraint arm attached with a lead works quite well A baby change  table solid wood has sides and fits small dogs and a great way to DIY at home,  the hair of course cannot be brushed off the side but collects up and use a small bag for the clipped hair The adjustable folding pet grooming arm with clamp can be easily fitted with the restraint loop makes grooming easy 

Now that’s the cheapest version to be more stable and for comfort the scissor lift table grooming table A big or smaller size adjustable to standing heights with a non slip base I attached PVC piping around the table and connected a quiet vacuum cleaner for the hair so there is less mess on the floor. benches can be fitted with a mirror for all round viewing using a black mat non slip lino works perfect as well 

  Working from home great option setting aside a room just for your grooming is the best idea saving money on leasing and commuting it’s hard to find a rental that will allow this or the space that’s suitable there is always the trailer option so a Hydrobath with a motor heat pump and a hose attachment probably could set one up for under 5,000 I am not sure if a licence is required would pay to check it out with your local council 

Scissors trimmers leads brushes and clippers I suggest you purchase these smaller items first start off with 2 sets even using different brands I added in a couple of good reading books to help get your mind around how you would like to set up your business 

An easy to read starter The Dog Grooming course how to set up your own Dog Grooming business I have written a review about this book and the second book is The dog grooming course Good reading for the starter who wants to start their own Dog Grooming business from home

Shampoos and Conditioners 

We can have shelves of all types of products and it can get costly to buy bulk is the best way and a all rounder shampoo that is suitable for all hair types and breeds the more Oatmeal Aloe vera and natural you go the more expensive but here’s an option to purchase to start off with a bulk purchase

Top performance shampoo  

1 litre flea washes to start with for all breeds, smells nice and lasts for a couple of days the deodorizer is nice too and the dogs don’t seem to mind the smell soap free and tearless restores moisture and also good for itchy skin 

  For the Dogs that have or are prone to skin condition loss of hair see our Article My Dogs Hair is thinning and Falling Out  

I hope you enjoyed this article please leave your comments below 🙂 Happy Grooming.

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