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The Dog Grooming Course book Review

The Canine Grooming Course book Review

  • Paperback: 220 pages
  • Publisher: Author House UK (September 16, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.5 x 11 inches
  • The Dog grooming Course Book

First comes the idea and then we need to manifest how we want to establish our business with the right information 1st hand many mistakes can be avoided listening to the professional know all and has never clipped a dog in their lifetime may have some good suggestions for business or how to acquire some cheaper items to set up but before you decide to follow any advice

The writer of this book The Dog Grooming Course has had 50 years of experience owned a Commercial grooming salon I read some of the book and it is very informative of what one really needs to think about before taking on the venture

Experience is in the results I always say and with all the council from experts like this Author I am sure after reading her book you will 100% know if this is really for you

The impression of this only working for Canada or USA  there is universal information that could be applied anywhere however it will not teach you how to groom a Dog Managing a Grooming business and not on the tools you would never be able to relate to what Groomers have to got through or how much energy is required as well as character here’s what Amazon have to say:

Dog groomers and business don’t mix? Guess again. Because with this business blueprint, your chances of setting up and running a successful dog grooming business are increased ten-fold”.

This course is for you whether you are grooming from home, as a mobile groomer, or thinking about opening a commercial salon.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a groomer – in fact, you’ll really benefit from this course if that’s the case (especially when it comes to respecting what dog groomers contend with every day). It also doesn’t matter where in the world you live. The lessons in this course are relevant universally.

Payment systems

Our recommendation is this book as it has all the pros and cons when starting out very honest approach with no fancy frills to jazz the industry up to make it sound like a cushy laid back easy job

Love is the key ingredient labor for love and it becomes no longer a job.

We mentioned before in another article about Dog Grooming where to start with accumulating the tools of the trade first

Establishing a clientele premises insurance etcetera this book has it all the software for the daily operations can be ordered online from or you may only need an appointment book   a simple Monday to Saturday with notes record keeping cards are also a bonus Dog owner vet info dog behaves has extra bits bumps or lumps caution notes allergies dog friendly keep a record of everything and yes keep all your receipts for tax purposes if your thinking of Eft Pos electronic money transfer it is easier for the smaller enterprise to go with a phone device connected to a Pay pass system or a (Pay Pal here) device with an app on your smart phone cash is easily spent so banking all cash transactions for the expenses that can be direct deposit payments to make life easier

I mentioned Pay pal because you can purchase items from this account and records of payments made and spent are emailed to you keep a folder in your emails to keep a track of transactions,products delivered saving time, an app can be downloaded onto your phone and opened by Bluetooth warning do not forget your password can be quite a mission to sort it out again great for small business and mobile.

So I have covered a good reading book to start your Grooming business some payment options and an appointment book to get you started

I hope you enjoyed this article please leave a comment below for questions or anything you would like to discuss about starting your own Dog Grooming Business.

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