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What would be the best online Dog Grooming Course

What would be the best online Dog Grooming Course


Good question so Let’s do some scouting for the best online Dog Grooming Course starting in America to the United Kingdom and Australia Courses offered by formal pet grooming schools take anywhere from a few weeks to about six months to complete. They generally cost about $3,000 to $6,000. Online schools, meanwhile, may charge $400 to $600. Apprenticeship programs can cost about $4,000.

So you would want to get your monies worth knowing that you could make it back How much does a salon Dog groomer make according to google A Salon Groomer: A dog groomer working in a salon will make approximately $22 per dog, with most groomers working on 5 dogs per day. This means that a groomer working 5 days per week will make about $28,000 per year. Aug 2, 2017. has a web page with a video explaining the requirements in the different states in the United States of America

Professional Pet Grooming license and certification license the fees school attendance this website would be best for the search in the USA how to chose and find a dog grooming school

Facebook look up a Melissa Verplank Enterprise company you can become a member the videos I couldn’t view but it maybe that you need to become a member first

United Kingdom accredited Animal Care Course 30 ONLINE STUDY HOURS You have 45 days to complete the course and one year to start it, Ultimate Guide to Dog Grooming the course would suit.

Pet owners and professionals who want to broaden their knowledge to better understand dog’s anatomy and types of coats

People seeking a certified course to help move their career forward.

UK Open College Dog Grooming Course Level 3 Qualification: Dog Grooming Award

Accredited: Yes

QCF Recognized: No, Equivalent level of learning at level 3

Awarding Body: ABC – QLS Awards

Start Date: Anytime – We enroll 365 days a year

Duration: Flexible – Approx 100 Hours – 12 Months Max Support

Credit Value: Not Applicable


Australia’s Premier Dog Groomer Training Academy

At The Grooming School your teaching is hands on from Day 1

This means that you are working with dogs from the beginning of your training

Under supervision, you experience and start learning the skills you need to succeed from the very beginning of your training on dogs that have been trained to help make your learning enjoyable and assist you in learning to groom

There are also Training schools on the Gold Coast and Northern Suburbs in Brisbane Western Australia

These are just some options out there you may find one in your hometown closer to you read all the contents on the website you may have some skills or you maybe learn from scratch whatever your level there is a course or a Training center.


Mehmet Gunes a pet stylist in Turkey has a Salon in Istanbul he worked in the UK and is an inspiration to Dog Grooming his on Instagram has 2,000 + followers and growing look at some of his work as a stylist amazing.

Dog grooming is an art requires skill patience and the main ingredient is LOVE for what you are doing as a groomer myself I am not the fastest but I love what I do and the dogs pick up on how you feel about them

I hope you have enjoyed this article and you have found a Grooming School to attend if you would like more information or you would like to advertise your Dog Grooming School on our website please contact

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