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The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide

The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide

One of the most popular books on the market for the modern day groomer

The  Guide to Dog Grooming For All Breeds  for every groomer

The newly revised, user-friendly All Breed Grooming Guide 4th edition by Sam Kohl features in-depth explanations on how to groom 193 breeds recognized by the AKC. This one-of-a-kind guide has been a longtime favorite of grooming schools nationwide.

The Dog Show Magazines

A Magazine that has always kept me up to date on any breed and breeders also Grooming is the NZKC AKCA AKA yes the kennel club books each month they bring out a Book on different breeds and breed standards for that breed

Grooming styles stance conformation anatomy the next Dog Show never mind the politics go along and view all the breeds at an All Breed Show Ribbon Parades are local and free to the public.

I use too always look forward to Crufts but I haven’t seen that show on television for years,

The Standard Poodles the Afghans the Maltese in their true beauty and form the flowing glide in every step and the hair would flow as the handlers pranced their beauty for all the world to see.

When I first came to Australia and seeing the Maltese and Bichon haircuts seriously I had a culture shock the cross-breeds from poodles to every short legged dog one could imagine.

I had no idea how to groom these crossbred dogs there were no books no videos actually no help So I would watch the people walk their dogs along the peninsula in Brisbane 80 dogs per hour on a fine day would be out for their on leash daily walk quite fascinating all the different haircuts styles.

I soon got to grasp they are basic and little skill required comparing to a Show Dog like Grooming a Standard Airedale Terrier with all the different blades or the poodle

If you can Groom a Show Dog you can definitely groom a cross-breed and copy a picture Always reach for the stars because if you fall short by the crossbred house pet you probably did a good job.

Grooming to Breed Standard

Some Salons prefer you too know how to Groom to breed standard the little Bichon puppy you may see on our website the owner didn’t want the top knot so I got a bit creative it was actually for a job interview my scissors broke in half on that day and the Salon scissors were blunt but I did my best and my puppy was happy and to me that’s all that mattered and the owner was Ohhh wow he looks so cute she was happy.

After all this is a Dog Grooming website and we are trying to get as much information to you as we can so you have a good guide to enter into the Dog Grooming Industry.

If you know of any good Dog Grooming reading material please share in the comments below it may help someone else out there

You can promote your book or magazine on Dog Grooming with us contact

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A passionate Dog person with a background in Animal Care, Vet nursing, Security Dog Handling, Boarding Kennels RSPCA Volunteering, Dog training Pet sitting Dog Grooming teaching people how to groom their own dogs and now creating a website dedicated to Dog Grooming


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