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Grooming Puppies & Older Dogs


Grooming Puppies

The fun part is keeping them still and a tired puppy is a happy but lazy one so play now stop affection time stroking the body touching feet survived that πŸ™‚ great wet hand survived that smell water survived that πŸ™‚ slowly turn on water turn it off why bother with all this stop start stuff because you’re building a safe approach that’s going to stay in their minds forever.

Putting a puppy straight in the water is a shock. Slippery surface big walls around him and he thinks PANIC!!!!!!

and they start climbing the tub for dear life just because you are holding them they don’t know your not going to drown them.



Β It’s Got big strong legs for stability

Put them in the tub with no water play in it on a non-slip mat take him out take a break add a little water enough to wet the paws survived that πŸ™‚ within half an hour we should be ready to add more water introduce the new smells of the puppy washing solution they might try to lick it no that’s not the idea every approach that you do or make about bath time is the result good dog flighty dog later.

It’s all about chewing running and roll over so go with it make it fun don’t rush it and never take the hose out and start spray him bad move now he associates a snake the sprays water and now drenched for no reason and they now there is a stink smell (Shampoo) on me go roll in the dirt.

Towel dryingΒ  maybe easier introduce the dryer sound on sound off any signs of freaking out stop towel dry and do it again slowly introducing has better results.

It’s the same with vacuum cleaners don’t think it’s cute his chasing or biting it or barking remove him instantly if they are watching that’s fine using it every day the scary noise becomes a curiosity why can you play with this and I can’t any reaction towards it remove them now straight away

There are training methods throw the chain like a small choker chain barking at noisey items can become a habit which becomes a strong desire to bark at the lawn mower motorbike and the list goes on and a stern Growl at the first bark not the 2nd or 3rd time after the barking has started. stop it straight away

Introduce the hose first just touch him take it away survived that πŸ™‚ or leave it on the floor any reaction to bark at it don’t chase them or try to make it a game

later they will chew the hose sniff it that is fine put a treat by it fine now put it away next day same then when no fear or reaction

without attaching the hose hold the suction end and use it like a brush survived that πŸ™‚ then make the noise survived that πŸ™‚ slowly you will be able to vacuum your dog it may take a couple of weeks or months but yes it is achievable to vacuum your Dog

Here’s a Portable vacuum device that bathes your dog using very little water take a look

Bissel Bark Bath portable

portable barkbath

  • Β The Portable bark bathΒ  you can bathe your dog in any room of the house with virtually no mess
  • Cleans from the skin up with specially designed nozzles that go beneath the fur
  • Cleans a 80 lb + dog with less than 48 oz of water vs traditional bathing in a tub which can use up to 19 gallons of water
  • System includes Portable Bath Unit, Bath Tool with Storage Bag, Microfiber Sound Dampening Mat, Face & Paws Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and 16 oz. No-Rinse Shampoo
  • Note – Sound/noise emitted is similar to a vacuum.
  • For best results,
  • Your dog should not be afraid of the sound of a vacuum. Training steps are provided in the user guide materials to acclimate noise-sensitive and anxious dogs.


Bathing Older Dogs

Now these guys know all the tricks for when it’s bath time remember the puppy training above won’t work on the older dog

they have experienced it all and the result is in past experiences and what you taught them patience is the key security no danger your not hurting them

lots of affection quite tone in voice eventually evaluating what the old dog finds exceptable and what’s not some hate combs some hate clippers or being brushed it’s all comes down to past experiences

These dogs can be retrained with perseverance or trying a different approach all together for me if a Dog hates the hose use a medium size tub

If the dog dislikes the tub try the Dry Groom or portable Vacuum there’s always a way to get the job done for more Grooming Training Tips. ask questions

Tell us what’s going on and we will help you figure it out

If your in New Zealand or Australia we may be able to come and do some training with you contact us at

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