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Shelandy Professional Pet Grooming Table

SHELANDY Professional pet grooming table with double leashes and clamp for large and medium dogs

Classy tidy presentable Grooming table is sturdy fold away here’s more details about it

  •  Dimensions (LxW): 31.5×19.5 inch, ,Capacity Weight: 200 lbs heavier than what is expected for a folding table
  •  Includes everything you need : 30″ height adjustable arm, dog Grooming Restraint, sturdy clamp.
  •  High quality stainless steel material, Easy to fold and heavy-duty
  •  High quality rubber matting table top , Waterproof, non slip, mat, wear-resistant from paws
  •  Great For Grooming,Trimming,Dressing,Drying And Other Uses good for home use of professional use

New (1) from $69.99  A really good price for shipping out to Australia + 113.00 now I am not sure if this would be in US dollars


Customer feedback on product

This table is a good height for me (I am 5’2) and I used it the first time trying to groom my 12 pound Maltese. He fits comfortably on the table. The table is not shaky.  I am not sure how the bracing on the legs will hold up after multiple uses.

but the product seems sturdy enough and well built.

However they don’t seem to  align well, but right now it does not seem to make a difference in the stability or safety of the table.

I like the top of the table, which is padded and textured, with a non slip mat and the hair don’t stick to it and it’s easy to clean off hair.

The double grooming leash works well as my dog likes to sit down the single leash was good for restraining my dog was not afraid of the height and was quit content to stay on the table.

But wait there’s more

  1. Medium (31.5*20 inch)
  2. Made by PU material. Waterproof and non-slip.
  3. Anti-friction mat pets paws can not damage the surface adding a longer lasting performance and wear & tear on the table surface

Pleasantly surprised at the quality of this table. Its heavy and appears well made easy to store as it is fold away or for portable uses,


Choosing a grooming table sturdy well-made and has a non-slip surface is all beneficial to comfortable grooming the height if not adjustable measure your height from floor to mid torso check the height of the table is going to be comfortable to use

The no sit pet haunch holder is a restraint that is meant to help stop your dog from sitting there are other portable stands that work perfectly well as seen on some youtube videos arm holders double leads some tables have these already attached

Before ordering make sure the product is shipped to your country and extra fees may apply for delivery out of the USA

For comments on this article please leave below for your feedback

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  1. Michael


    So probably not a typical question, but I have a very large Labrador. He seems to be completely incapable of staying still when we want to groom him and it has become quite the issue. Are there any larger arrangements that have a similar concept to this? We typically just take him in to Petco to get groomed but maybe we could save some money and buy a set-up for our home. Thanks for the post!

    • admin

      For a large Dog like this a scissor lift table with a full arm over the top and a double lead

       For a set up at home a coffee table size 1300 L x 700 W x 120 high solid wood with a non slip surface mat glued on top a heavy wooden table would be sufficient maybe look at purchasing a secure clamp with a foldable grooming arm  keeping your dog secure and at a level that’s comfortable for you to work on 

  2. Jeffrey Meadows

    This table would be very helpful for me.  My dog likes to sit whenever I brush him so this would not allow him to sit down while doing so.  The smaller stand on this might be useful in the bathtub as well when giving a bath.  It is hard to do a lot with dogs when they sit.  I wonder if the legs would fold easy enough to git in the bathtub?

    • admin

      I wouldn’t recommend putting it in the tub i did read another review about this and the owner didn’t recommend it they did not go into much detail why

  3. zuchii

    Amazing product, I like its  multipurpose use functions would recommend for every pet owner.I believe the table would provide for all pet needs and serve all purposes.

    The fact it is adjustable  even makes it more awesome I’ll give it a 5 star.

    Also talking about the price I think it’s good  for a quality product.Thanks Angelique Jasmine for the good work

  4. Sondra M

    Hi, thank you for the review of this Shelandy professional dog grooming table. 

     It looks like it would work perfectly for Francesco, my toy poodle.  From looking at the picture, it looks like I should be able to fold the table up and store it when not in use.    The ability to use a no-sit haunch holder should help also until I learn to work a little faster.  I am still a little slow when it comes to grooming and Francesco gets tired of standing. 

    My eyes must be tired.  I can’t seem to find a link to the website to order it.   By any chance, do you know if it is available in the US?    My eyes must be tired.  I can’t seem to find a link to the website to order it.    Again, thank you for this informative review.  


    hover over grooming Table the word will highlight click on the word and it will take me to the page Got it Thanks

  5. tina25h

    I have a Collie (Jed) who just hates being brushed and groomed. He is always rolling around or taking off on me when I am trying to groom him. Bath time is even worse. When I try to dry him off he takes off or twists around so much that it is impossible to dry him or brush him. 

    He is a very active dog and loves attention just not the kind he gets when being groomed. I resort to having my husband hold him while I try to dry him off or brush him. Needless to say it is not a task either one of us looks forward to. It often leads to needing a change of clothes after his bath time.

    I found this same table about 2 months ago and it is wonderful. When I want to brush him I simply put him on the table and fasten him in. The grooming is done in half the time now and so much easier. Our bathroom is large enough that I can put it in there at bath time. I have added a steps for him so when he gets out I lead him by leash up on to the table, fasten him in and dry him off and brush him.

    This has made the whole grooming experience so much better for Jed and I. My husband is so much happier as well because I don’t need him help and he is staying a lot drier these days lol.



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