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Advertising Your Grooming Business


Advertising Your Grooming Business


Free Advertising

Advertising on a platform with pictures content about yourself Qualifications operating hours and selecting a category suburbs to and city is all relevant to the viewer and this is the easy part

I wrote a whole lot of content for an advert added the pricing was very honest and I received 107 views and 4 replies in 5 weeks the advert started on the 4th page and jumped to page 1 then it rained for 2 weeks

So are the viewers shopping around am I providing the wrong service or is there just too much information on the advert

or maybe there waiting for after the holidays,

These types of adverts we never really know the answers but it is in the content that the free platform likes so it wasn’t the amount of content it was what was in the content that was to pursued the viewers to apply Leave room for questioning this brings engagement and conversation,

  1. Don’t give away too much in house information
  2. Don’t mention your prices to cheap they think it is not good service to expensive they look elsewhere and it’s your choice to add them or not.
  3. Be friendly, add cute pictures everyone loves cute dog pictures
  4. Be Careful with before and after photos sometimes people get them mixed up and the before can end up looking like the end result, use after pictures in a row then the before pictures in the next frame in the same order as the after pictures
  5. Keep it simple I learnt too much information and they read it and go off the page, And Remember this always























Keep it simple

The most simple adverts on the 4th or 5th page got me more work with the best pictures I had 37 views 10 engaged 15 used the service within eight weeks from Gumtree

Why do they make appointments and then cancel

The weather plays a big part in appointments and holidays and cancellations happen

everyone wants their dog done like now how soon can you come over or how soon can I get an appointment or they want to book in 2 weeks and a reminder message should be sent out and even though you have put in the advert your days of working they will still ask you if you’re working on that day just ignore the obvious questions don’t sweat the small stuff.

always reply to messages within a short time the longer you leave it they will go elsewhere.

If the advertising free platform gives you suburbs up to 15 km from home include them write more than 1 advert

Change the approach to keep it interesting some people want the experienced rescue dog handler some just want the dog clipped and not to fussed and then there are some that just don’t want the details just bring him back cute and clean.

The Same could be said for paid advertising but it is the size short and sweat the more you pay the more they will promote your advert. It all depends on your budget

Mobile businesses have to really work hard to keep the locals coming back 4 of my regular dogs passed away a few got sick some have had operations people move house and state, there’s all sorts of reasons a regular might just fall off the grid

Monitor your progress in all advertising of what works keep doing that don’t assume it is you when it comes to people and their dogs they want what’s best for them and their pockets

Your skills are always in demand so don’t panic if in the first week there is no response it may take a few days or a few weeks to see results

Your personality and how they receive their dog back will determine if they will return if they hear their dog crying because their human is outside don’t assume it is you it could be he knows mum is here and it is time to go home

But the client gets concerned and thinks my dog is freaking out here and may not return. and some people are more understanding and know that their loved pet is excited because there are some dogs that really play on it and are better behaved without their human around.

Mobile App home services

Advertising is a must and always just keep going don’t give up

App services are good they send you regular work and within the Kilometer radius of where you live or from the salon they charge a monthly fee but your more likely to make your money back.

Your not always going to be everybody’s cup of tea some clients are lovely some are difficult and hard to please and then there are some people who just love you your service you’re grooming and that’s what we all aim for.

Instagram pictures & Pinterest,

You will be surprised of how many followers you can receive in a short time photographing your work and adding Pins can get you a lot of interest adding videos word of mouth soon gets around and your popularity will grow

Facebook pages ad some families do some local advertising and the more likes and appointments the money will flow.

You want to make sure you have all areas covered all the right tools clean hygienic premises bathing facilities and a good area for exercise

In a small shop, salon don’t consider Doggie Day care they make the shop smell bad dosnt matter how much cleaning is done barking dogs under your feet hair everywhere some dogs are happy and some just are not

A proper doggie day care takes the dogs for walks they have space and a place to rest, and play

So if you’re thinking of doggie day care be prepared and employ someone to take them for walks beats the boredom and when they want to do their business it does happen.

Customer Service

Good service that suits the clients needs is what gets the returned customer

We cannot assume and have the attitude I only want to work with dogs and not people

customer service is essential for any business and people come first and their pet is just as important to you so treat both as if they are important after all this is your income,

your advertising should display the same approach.

Busy or not busy

Yes your always busy, whether you work from home or for someone else your busy but never to busy burn out is common so look after yourself and pace your work load it is easy to take on too much know your pace and be realistic with your time.

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A passionate Dog person with a background in Animal Care, Vet nursing, Security Dog Handling, Boarding Kennels RSPCA Volunteering, Dog training Pet sitting Dog Grooming teaching people how to groom their own dogs and now creating a website dedicated to Dog Grooming


  1. Cinderella

    Thank you great content on advertising your grooming business, I thought in the lines of growing my business and yes you have outlined very important points and I will take consideration and see how best I can improve my business.

    What can you advise in regards to pricing thorough social media?,  as I see you have touched and talked Pinterest and I use Pinterest a lot but it has not given me much, how can I improve my advertising on Pinterest?

    Thanks a lot 

    • admin

      Pinterest is like a social media picture display with no words  of YOU and your interests,

       Creating a folder of pictures of yourself the dogs Grooming and sharing with creating a brand name included in the pictures, Logos of your business, add the Pinterest URL to your website share the same Pins on your Facebook page it all ties in together it’s like leaving a paper trail of your creation an open diary of your work 

      for social media don’t add pricing people will come to you and ask unless your doing a Promotion  

  2. Israel

    Thanks for the helpful and informative post! You emphasized so much to me on the efficacy of advertising my grooming business and I must commend you for the passionate work done in the post. As you encouraged in that post, I won’t ever give up but rather build my business taking advertising as a must-to-do task in my business. Kudos for introducing the Mobile App home services! You made clear that the business has to be kept grooming and that’s what matters. Thanks for the great post!

    Israel Olatunji

  3. Diane

    Hi – thanks for sharing this informative article. I never realised there was so much to consider when it comes to running a dog grooming business! It must be so frustrating when people don’t turn up or cancel their appointments. I guess some clients are always going to be difficult. That’s a great idea using Instagram and Pinterest for advertising. All the best, Diane

    • admin

       If we think of it like a Hairdresser  a rotation of 4 to 6 weeks for each client and they don’t all fall on the same week every month so a Good 20 per week 60 to 80 dogs a month where one drops off another  space can be filled. and this is a very small business some have up to 400 clients and 4 groomers 

  4. Rina

    Some great tips here for anyone starting up in the dog grooming business. I wanted to ask whether you think its best to start advertising your business in local newspapers for example or put the effort into your own website first? What would you reccomend to someone just starting out?

    • admin

      Advertising in the local Newspaper is only beneficial if the local community read it, it would pay to observe if the News Paper is being delivered Age of Audience community statistics of Families business hub dog population  Lead parks observe the activity within the community How many people sit in coffee shops on their phones, verses how many read the paper or have it delivered and do they have Dogs.

       Technology is everywhere  a Website is easier to access and more likely to reach a wider audience with the News paper advert leading to a website both could work well


  5. eohia

    Thank you for sharing. Advertising is the soul of business. It is through adverts that people become aware of us and our products and we can generate the necessary traffic for sales. It’s good to keep it simple. The tips you gave on the dog business will really be beneficial.

  6. Glen

    Great tips! But I don’t agree with not showing prices. It is not so much the cost, but the value provided in the services. Price is only one factor in choosing a groomer or grooming appointment. Location, availability, quality, and trust are also factors. Many groomers post their prices while others indicate pricing is based on breed or size of the dog and will only provide pricing based on a quote request. I chose our current dog groomer based on the groomer’s reputation. Price was not the primary decision factor although it did play a part. The prices are reasonable in line with what is charged in our local area. 

    • admin

      Reputation is a big factor which I have covered in another Article, Thinking of Starting your own Dog Grooming Business,

       I use to totally under charge and cut myself short customers would pay me more than I asked for.

       I do agree it’s not so much the prices, it’s a hard people pleaser in a perfect world everyone pays the same not every dog grooming business has the same overheads  and a conflict of pricing and competition has to be taken into consideration a Doctor dosnt advertise their prices, and we wouldn’t go if they had a bad reputation.       


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