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Pet Insurance Do We really need it

Insurance do we really need it

We get insurance for the unexpected before 1990 Pet insurance was unheard-of I went into an insurance company to Insure my Dog Max a German Shepherd Irish wolfhound cross, I wanted cover for Theft and medical, they laughed at me and told me it was impossible.

Today it is a financial saving if we do have insurance, If we had Insurance when Jamie was in the vet clinic we could have paid the vet bill. Full story About Me

I searched for the best Pet Insurer I could offer my viewers Find a plan that fits you and your beloved friend best. Visit for a free Quote petplan  Pet Insurance is an extremely fast-growing vertical, as many pet-owners are now realizing the cost-savings (vet bills, accidents, illnesses, etc) associated with having pets,

We can all say it won’t happen to me but the unexpected bill can throw the budget I would never want to lose a dog again because I couldn’t pay the vet bill again as a child it was devastating we just had no extra money.

If we were to add up how much it costs to raise a child in a year and then over 15 years it would at a guess be close to 1 million dollars and a pet we could easily say $250,0000 over 15 years I am guessing of course because I don’t know your yearly income or your lifestyle Insurance can cover Vet bills accidental death and illness.

True Story

My boss had an American Bulldog worth 3,500 as a puppy he had the most beautiful blue eyes a fawn and white coat and a real character a staff member was feeding him Mango she put the seed in the bin and of course the unexpected happen ledger went to the bin and ate the seed, he was sick stopped eating within 3 days he was in a bad way

Ledger was taken to the vet clinic and a xray had discovered the seed had fermented and caused a blockage this cost 5,000 for the operation for the seed to be removed With Pet Insurance it was paid out and covered Ledger grew to be a healthy 90kg dog. Imagine having to find this money at the spur of the moment.


I cannot give you a quote but I can offer the best Pet Insurance I know of PetPremium

Our Pets are family although in some countries they are just animals that live outside on a chain or in a backyard

The purpose of a Dog has added value they protect property save lives companions working in society love unconditionally and would never ask for a divorce actually they don’t ask much at all.

If we are going to take on the responsibility of having a dog why not give him the insurance protection we have children and add them in on the family medical insurance so it only makes sense


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A passionate Dog person with a background in Animal Care, Vet nursing, Security Dog Handling, Boarding Kennels RSPCA Volunteering, Dog training Pet sitting Dog Grooming teaching people how to groom their own dogs and now creating a website dedicated to Dog Grooming


  1. Richard

    In my opinion, both medical and personal insurance when it comes to animals is a must. I saw this in action with my brother who had miniature Italian greyhound who had some stomach issues. I sort stay and operation at the vet was thousands and took a massive toll on them.

    Animals are emotional things and in my opinion one should approach this the same way one would approach the medical care of any other family member. Insurance is never seen as worthwhile until you need it.


    • admin

      I agree with you the stories I added are true, and I am sure there are more out there very similar,

      Nowadays I think it is a good safe guard for the unexpected and too be prepared, better than not 

      Thank you for your support on the subject.

  2. j52powell

    That’s quite a story about the mango seed.  My current dog loves to eat everything, but always chews it before swallowing.  It sounds like your boss’s dog pretty much ate it whole. 

    I live in the Philippines where dog care is relatively cheap, but am thinking to relocate to the US.  Health care for humans there is practically unaffordable for me.  I wonder what it costs to keep a dog these days and if I can afford to bring mine. If you don’t mind, what is the ball park price of the insurance?  I don’t see a link.

    • admin

      I Hope this answers your Question 

      American Bulldogs are slobbery dogs and will woof down anything without chewing, especially the puppies, this is a true story. 

      I will add the link in for Premium Pet Insurance there are a series of questions about your dogs lifestyle health age that they may ask so they can quote you a price, food Grooming insurance registration with Animal control in Australia for me to keep a German Shepherd for example, food cost 70.00 a month vet bills 700 a year registration 38.00 per year flea control 42.00 every 3 months. 

      Grooming Hydrobath weekly 28.00 grooming equipment, toys, treats, beds, we don’t really consider we just buy it  

       I think for you to take your dog to the USA  from the Philippines you will need to look at Vaccinations against Distemper, Parvovirus, Rabies, Quarantine time, Local law or State registration if applicable.… maybe able to help ( bringing my dogs from the Philippines to the US )     


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