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What does the future look like in The Dog Grooming Industry


What does the future look like in The Dog Grooming Industry is it here to stay

The future in anything to do with animals is really up to us, and it is the human responsibility to take care of the beasts on planet earth as well as Nature if we want any future,

Dog grooming started late 18th century when Dogs became a more popular domestic animal that had all the qualities of serving us in a working capacity as selected breeding took place we developed breeds of dogs that could perform tasks from herding hunting guarding and then came the fashion of what was fashionable at the time,

These times have changed a dog was always an animal of great worth to contribute to society as a worker and was never really looked upon as a sibling or child nowadays dogs have moved into the homes and are given a luxury life of our beds our sofa look cute and they really struggle with purpose to bark at the cars going by or to sniff out a trail to the dog park a dog needs to know he has a purpose, and is part of a pack

We tend to see a trend of modern cross breeds for hypoallergenic people and these dogs need grooming a great plus for dog groomers the new breed from 2015 the legoto is like a poodle but bulker at present there is a demand for experienced groomers, the industry is always changing

So it’s important to keep up with the demand and market of grooming equipment and latest styles. refresh courses are available

Our grooming has gone from breed standard styles to the round head fluffy ears top knot short coat and bushy tails to the now Super square Yahoo Singapore, Taiwan has started the trend whether it will take off in Australia or America maybe.

There is now a temporary Dog Tattoo yes the hair will grow back


Pay rates latest franchise fees 2019

An experienced groomer with at least 12 months experience the pay rate can start from $14.00 to $20-25 per hr on average 28,000 a year USA $34,166 a year For a franchise

There is an initial franchise fee estimate of $40,000 AUD for the opening   the initial set up costs will vary depending on the size and location of the retail premises. The average set-up cost is approximately $150,000  which includes the initial franchise fees, training, stock, lease deposit, launch, fit-out, not including Govt service tax, licences, insurance,

Small dogs are becoming more popular Yorkshire crossbred are so cute and easy to maintain the hypo allergenic breeds are still in high demand costing on average $1500-3,000 AUD for a puppy. pedigrees are double this price.

 What would I expect to pay for my dog to be groomed

The prices may vary from salon to mobile pricing expect to pay between $30-$90 for a standard groom extras can cost from $15-40 Color, nails glands,  temporary tats, the hair is cut shorter or shaved out to create a pattern. hair dying creative grooming will all cost extra 


As a Stylist or Groomer you can expect to be asked the near impossible and not practical and this is when your people skills are put to the test always consider the factors of the dogs environment lifestyle and what is the most comfortable for the dog when the hair becomes too knotted close to the skin it is a nightmare and can be uncomfortable so with the extra full boot leg they need to be maintained daily. or all that fluffy has to come off.


These statistics are over the past 5 years, The Pet Grooming & Boarding which I think is like Pet sitting in the USA The industry has grown by 6.8% to reach revenue of $8bn in 2018. this is not based on Grooming alone  In the same timeframe, the number of businesses has grown by 5.1% and the number of employees has grown by 6.7%. not including students in study or graduating in the industry.

Apparel Just for Dogs

With shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, and tote bags, offers a variety of embroidered apparel with over 400 dog breeds available for all dog lovers! For keeping your dog well groomed can catch the attention, I think there would be room for creative coats umbrellas snow boots and more to come    

Designer clothing  Natural foods Pet sitting Psychology Training consulting services, Pet Funerals, are all very trendy right now Pet yoga and Psychics are on the rise but not as popular Next will come your dog’s Horoscope their own therapist or behaviorist trainer. Dog walkers very popular in Auckland New Zealand and becoming more popular in Australia. 

Robots in the future

Water machines  feed machines  cleaning bathing equipment keep records repair cages and Pens robots will be used,  as searched 82% less likely to be replaced although a robot controlled by a remote can perform the task of brushing like an infant, We won’t be replaced with Robots just yet this industry is very human friendly so I am sure your career will be safe for the next 20 years or more 


Groom west WA, Groom Quest, Sydney Groom fest, Melbourne Australia groomers from Thailand korea and vietnam attend without their own dogs many breeds attend, Groomed on site some are prepared before and the judges association give out the National award level 1 & 2 can gain knowledge on the day new techniques and styles, hair dying the creative art of colors patterned coats like a 3 D walking paint boards strutting the catwalk as seen in Paris London and New York competitions are advertised the latest was 2016. 


Across the Globe Grooming Salons pet stores, pet services and affiliates can all join in on the trending e commerce sites there’s an abundance of niches and services to apply for Ask Google a Question about Pets or Dogs and there is a library of answers everyone so the future looks very bright for the Dog grooming industry if you would like to start your own website with training and help wealthy affiliate would be the wisest choice creating your own personalised website with hosting and so many added advantages check it out today.


From the history of our beloved pets to now dogs have become a family member but do keep in mind that they are still a chattel in court disputes from who knows there may even be an adoption registration or next of kin and custody agreement for the dog or family pet in the near future. there are upcoming Pet lawyers that deal with such cases.

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A passionate Dog person with a background in Animal Care, Vet nursing, Security Dog Handling, Boarding Kennels RSPCA Volunteering, Dog training Pet sitting Dog Grooming teaching people how to groom their own dogs and now creating a website dedicated to Dog Grooming


  1. Paul

    Extraordinary article! I would have to agree that I don’t think we will see the dog grooming industry being taken over by robots anytime soon. Pets are accepted in people’s homes as they fill a special human connection between animal and pet so having a robot to parts would be a contradiction of why we have pets to begin with. The costs of having a grooming franchise is intriguing. Do you know how much it would cost on average for someone to start their own dog grooming business without buying a franchise? Is it possible to start on your own or do you need to be part of franchise for licensing?

    • admin

      There is no law that states you must be part of a Franchise but there are licences to be required  in Canada and the USA I have this in a previous post Thinking of Starting your Own Dog Grooming Business for the New Starter on average one would need to spend up to $1000 for the basics grooming tools tables and portable bath, at an estimate about 3,000 if you had a workshop from home fully equipped, it’s the leasing of the retail sector that puts the figures right up there and the Decor of your set up and its up to the individual of how fancy they want to be     


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