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Grooming Equipment for the Grooming Professional

Professional Grooming Equipment

Pet grooming products that you will need to groom any dog from Bath to finish 

We hope you can find products of interest for your business

Downtown Pet supplies

King Kaine

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We  will help you to find any product that we have not covered in previous articles from suppliers we want you to be set up with the best Dog Grooming equipment and supplies that guarantees success to your Grooming Business so we can provide Free shipping on all orders in the US!  free shipping outside the US  when you  shop with us

Your favorite products may not be included in some articles so we have added this in for easy access to what you’re looking for to bring the welcoming professional experience to any Grooming Business

We want to give you the best customer service and shopping experience if you have any questions or problems with the links please leave your comments below. Thank you from the team at  Dog Grooming Equipment we value your support

We do not intend to promote any other pet products on this website as it is for Dog groomers and all about Dog grooming so we want to only provide Dog Grooming products, The links above may suggest in your search for other Pet products that’s fine but it is your choice for search and purchase.

Professional grade pet supplies!  Professional Grade Pet Supplies 

When we start out or we have an established business keeping consumable costs down can save us we also need to think about the environment and our waterways and the chemicals in the products I do try and add Natural products but I am sure you can ask the manufacturer for the eco break down on their products 

For all enquiries please leave a comment below there will be updates and modifications done to this page or it may be removed without notice.

Grooming all pets within the home

Not all of us just have a dogs we may have a cat a ferret or rabbits horses birds so you may find in this article to be of advantage when searching pet products for the other companions in the home

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