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    Dog Grooming Training for life

    Training your Dog to be groomed for life If your fortunate enough to bring home your puppy from 8 to 12 weeks old you have a head start in training from fresh beginnings with playing bonding settling in toilet training and grooming  with puppies it’s all fun and games grooming the puppies and older dogs…

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  • Winter Grooming for all types of winter

    Winter grooming for the Dog that lives in the snow We would like to think that all dogs live inside during the colder months   In this Article I am going to cover the different types of winter some places it snows, some places have more rain storms wind and frosts, and the effects this…

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    Dog Psychology and Grooming

    Dog Psychology and Grooming How to groom your dog effectively Television the wrong message Cartoons, books advertising,and television we all know it is not 100% factual or true Growing up we have a television box with programs and from childhood we are given books with cartoon figures or live animation movies about animals that can…

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    Business tips for dog grooming

    Think outside the square and be creative Business tips for Dog Groomers I have worked out in the field for a long time and always get to hear the customers point of view what they like and what they would like for the busy salons I can understand they have a turn away point because…

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