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  • Pet Insurance Do We really need it

    Insurance do we really need it We get insurance for the unexpected before 1990 Pet insurance was unheard-of I went into an insurance company to Insure my Dog Max a German Shepherd Irish wolfhound cross, I wanted cover for Theft and medical, they laughed at me and told me it was impossible. Today it is…

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  • Introduction

    Advertising Your Grooming Business

    Advertising Your Grooming Business   Free Advertising Advertising on a platform with pictures content about yourself Qualifications operating hours and selecting a category suburbs to and city is all relevant to the viewer and this is the easy part I wrote a whole lot of content for an advert added the pricing was very honest…

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  • Shelandy Professional Pet Grooming Table

    SHELANDY Professional pet grooming table with double leashes and clamp for large and medium dogs Classy tidy presentable Grooming table is sturdy fold away here’s more details about it  Dimensions (LxW): 31.5×19.5 inch, ,Capacity Weight: 200 lbs heavier than what is expected for a folding table  Includes everything you need : 30″ height adjustable arm, dog…

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  • Introduction

    Grooming Puppies & Older Dogs

    Grooming Puppies The fun part is keeping them still and a tired puppy is a happy but lazy one so play now stop affection time stroking the body touching feet survived that 🙂 great wet hand survived that smell water survived that 🙂 slowly turn on water turn it off why bother with all this…

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  • The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide

    The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide One of the most popular books on the market for the modern day groomer The  Guide to Dog Grooming For All Breeds  for every groomer The newly revised, user-friendly All Breed Grooming Guide 4th edition by Sam Kohl features in-depth explanations on how to groom 193 breeds recognized by the…

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  • What would be the best online Dog Grooming Course

    What would be the best online Dog Grooming Course USA Good question so Let’s do some scouting for the best online Dog Grooming Course starting in America to the United Kingdom and Australia Courses offered by formal pet grooming schools take anywhere from a few weeks to about six months to complete. They generally cost…

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  • The Dog Grooming Course book Review

    The Canine Grooming Course book Review Paperback: 220 pages Publisher: Author House UK (September 16, 2016) Language: English Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.5 x 11 inches The Dog grooming Course Book First comes the idea and then we need to manifest how we want to establish our business with the right information 1st hand many mistakes can be avoided…

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  • Thinking of starting your own Dog Grooming Business

    Starting your own Dog Grooming Business In a recent article I covered Wahl  Products in this update I am focusing on the professional groomer who has had a lot of experience has a Qualification and is looking at starting a business from home or at a commercial premises Location they say is everything in real…

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  • Dog Grooming basic Tools

    Welcome to the Dog Grooming Blog The discussion of dog grooming is there a right or wrong way to groom your Dog sometimes it’s not easy of where to start. First and foremost a clean dry dog is best to start, first we need to determine what type of coat your dog has there are…

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