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LEARN HOW TO GROOM YOUR DOG by The Canine Hairdresser

The Canine Hairdresser 

In the comfort of your own home the teacher will come to you, SO YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO GROOM YOUR OWN DOG and spend as much time as it takes although each lesson is 1 hour if you go over your time don’t stress there is no extra charge you will pay a one time fee to learn over 4 months the teacher will come and see you once a month dates and time will be set however we can change the times just in case something urgent comes up.



Cocker spaniel groomed by her owner taught by The Canine Hairdresser



Learn how to groom your own dog in the comfort of your own home the teacher comes to you one hour lessons four lessons over four months



Each month you will learn

  • About your dogs Anatomy
  • Handling and grooming equipment needed
  • How to use your grooming equipment
  • Grooming equipment maintenance
  • Bathing Drying Shampoo & Conditioners
  • Styling & Hygiene clip
  • Paws & Care
  • Healthy diet for healthy coat 

You will learn what you need to know about the grooming of your own dog the course is not a Qualification or to certificate level.

Why Learn to groom your own dog

Grooming your own dog has great advantages of bonding building trust and learning about their general health sometimes we can heal our dogs without going to the vet clinic then there are times we know we need to see the vet.

Your dog will feel more loved and wanted in their pack

You will save yourself a lot of money over time by grooming your own dog you can be as creative as you want and with practice your dog will look like they just walked out of the salon.

Some pets perform and try you of what they can get away with so buy learning how your dog is going to behave training you and your dog that grooming time is not playtime and the reward afterwards is playtime treats or you can choose the reward.

Grooming at home

Time is a big factor we all have our moments of I will do it tomorrow as a routine for you and your dog to get into will make life easier I have heard people say I don’t have time then why do you have a dog ?

People think grooming is hard especially for the dogs who need ongoing maintenance however going to the groomers with a dog that has not had any attention in grooming takes up the groomers time and it’s not always easy  for the groomer.

They don’t always have the time to take knots out matted hair usually they will call you and say I am sorry we had to clip your dog shorter due to the matted hair.

The groomers know when there has been no attention to the maintenance in between grooms so that’s why some dogs get the short clip all over body clip so when you come back in 4-6 weeks they know it’s just regrowth to trim and maybe a few knots on the ears or tail.

How long does it take to groom my dog       

On a regular basis brushing or a comb for 10 minutes a day bathing once a week or when required clipping every 4 weeks bath dry brush trim or clip about half an hour to an hour and this will keep your dog in a well maintained and healthy condition. 

Will you sell me the grooming supplies or do I go out and buy my own

Most pet owners already have a few grooming tools in your lessons you will be guided to where to get the best tools for the job maybe locally or online and where to get the best deals Products can be ordered for you if you want 

You will have a lot of questions so write them down as they come up and don’t worry if you make mistakes it’s all part of learning and the hair will grow back. you will be taught how to avoid accidents.

for the dogs that don’t need clipping or have a longer coat there’s some easy techniques and some really good tools on the market for every dog.

This post may not apply to you if you live outside of Australia and I may have given away my ideas to the salon groomer who wants a change or to add an extra income for themselves this is the whole idea of sharing knowledge ideas and building relationships between people and their pets.

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